Bright Future For Afghan Women

Bright Future For Afghan Women: Redoubling our commitments to form a more educated generation of Afghan women

Qandahar province, AfghanistanMazar-e-sharif, Afghanistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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This project focuses on empowering Afghan women to overcome the traditional discrimination, advocating their rights for sustainable education, enriching an academic life for them and finally helping them to be more financially independent in the traditional Afghan community.

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What if all the Afghan women were with high educational qualifications that they could get better job opportunities?
About Project

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Still 70 % of Afghan females can’t enroll for primary schooling or either can’t continue their education to the university level. For those studying there is another problem caused by insufficient study skills which lessen their educational performance. The implication of these problems affects the general condition of women and keeping them remain financially dependent due to their low educational qualification for better job opportunities.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Here we are going to have a new approach for ensuring an academic life for Afghan females. Firstly, for areas where there is low enrolment and participation of girls in educational institutions we want to have board base campaigns for advocating their rights according to the constitutional, religious, national and international conventions and laws and to justify the importance of women to be educated and to work as doctors, teachers or other public servants by holding sessions with elders and leaders of those problematic areas where there are negative ideas about the education of females. For the second problem (Insufficient study skills) we launch (Magic of Study) project to train the professional study skills for students of schools .
Impact: How does it Work

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This is the most ever innovative and useful programme plan for forming an academic life in Afghanistan which has never been implemented in the history of Afghanistan consisting three parts in the project: (1) Weekly TV and Radio programme: lecturing on improving study skills and campaigning for the women’s educational rights, live broadcasted in 34 provinces. (2) sessions with elders of tribes for persuading them to let their daughters and wifes join the educational institutions. (3) Distributing educational magazines consist of both female rights for education and study skills contents. Learning the (Skills of study) are the most important educational prerequisites for all of the female students studying at educational institutions.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

As the result of launching this project lots of millstones will be achieved as following: (1) Increasing the rate and percentage of literacy among the women as the result of their increased enrollment and participation in educational institutions, primarily in schools. (2) Training (Professional Study Skills) for more than 80,000 female students in the duration of one year (3) Making a new vision on learning and education of women (4) By training the (professional study skills) we can find more female students interested in their education and as the next outcome they will continue their education to university degree and as result they can have better opportunities for working and to be financially independent. (5) As the further result, we can enhance the mission of combating illiteracy and struggling with dyslexia problem of some school female students.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The real problem is here that most of Afghan women (almost 85 percent) don’t know about their rights and entitlements approved by national constitution, Islamic laws and international conventions as the result of being illiterate and low general awareness. This project aims to firstly help them join in the educational institutions and then foster their academic skills and engaging them to have better access to sufficient reading through educating them the (Study Skills) and a board base campaign for eradication of illiteracy and finally to help them to have better educational qualifications.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

In the long run, we will negotiate with the ministry of education of Afghanistan to start efforts for tackling these two tragic problems. Firstly, they should annually observe to find the areas with low school enrolling or participation of girls and taking forward lawful steps. Secondly, for tackling the (Study Skills) problem, we dedicate our published book of (Magic of Study) for ministry to commence a new subject in curriculum of schools.

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Our team of this project can work, consult and help the Afghan ministries of education and higher education as well as international organizations working for tackling women’s educational problems such as UNESCO, UNDP and UNIFEM in the long run. The project will be coordinated to have higher effect on the target area by experience sharing with another organizations working in this field. Another multilateral development partners such as World Bank, USAID, EU commission and etc. can also be a stakeholder for achieving this project.

Founding Story

I have worked as a senior academic consultant with (Foundation for Afghanistan) with five years of experience in scientific and educational programs and challenges. Through my efforts for creating an academic life, I have found these two problems as overwhelming problems against educational progression of Afghan women. Meanwhile, I have had vast studies to compile and edit a book in the name of (Magic of Study) regarding improving the study skills and I’m hopeful to publish it soon. Substantial to my activities is this that Afghan women can realize the potential of a stable, prosperous, and bright future. (Foundation for Afghanistan) is founded by distinguished philanthropists to help Afghanistan to recover from recession.


I have this distinct honor and high privilege to be the entrepreneur and self-starter of this project as a proud member of Afghan Educational community. My Team consists of 10 people for general management of this project as an integrated team that can even help the whole eastern provinces. My team includes young scholars, mangers and consultants from professional academic backgrounds. (
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, Mazar-e-sharif

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, Qandahar province

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Foundations, NGOs, National government, Other.


Opportunities for Women.

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The recipient groups are vulnerable women, young school and university students, local governments employees, and the women of remote and suburb areas.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

The publicity will turn our project more known for our customars and will be a milestone of success of reflecting our creative project.
The prize money will be a huge help to go further with our project and to showcase the world the solution and to make possible the next step of the project.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

My core activities depends on IYSAA (Independent Youths scientific Association of Afghanistan organization where I supervise, co-ordinate and organize different programs and research about different thematic educational challenges. Fundamental to his vision is this that his work and it’s outcomes should improve Afghan lives and to pursue philanthropic assistance.

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