ECO-LIGHT: ECO-LIGHT device converts polluted water into electricity and fresh water.

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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To prevent the environment from polluted water and make the best use of it we invented this product which we call "Roshnee Kit". This transforms the microbial fuel preserved in the bacteria's body living in the polluted water into electricity and turns the polluted water into fresh water.

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In Bangladesh, villagers with poor income can not afford oil, fuel or the solar installation. Very few students try to study at night with oil based lamp. A typical “Kupi” runs out of oil within an hour. So students can not Study, thus drop out from school increases. Moreover Parents are not willing to take their daughter's education further by burning Kerosene in Kupi. So Drop out of female children is 36% more than male.

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Simply our innovation is to convert the Polluted water's bacteria energy into electronic energy. Roshnee kit is a device that generates electricity by converting chemical energy available in a bio-convertible substrate. This device can be sold to the remote rural villagers at a cost of less than $4. Simply villagers need to fill up the tank of Roshnee kit with polluted water and then bacteria of the water will produce electricity capable of supporting 12 watt Bulb for 3 hours.Initially in targeted villages 800-900 Roshnee kits will be provided to the families at a cost of $3 collaborating with NGO's and RURAL SERVICE FOUNDATION. These NGO stuffs will motivate the families telling cost benefit of adapting Roshnee kit.

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Regular revenue will be earned from selling polluted water at a very cheap cost to the villagers who can''t find polluted water nearby. Startup will be sponsored by local Donors and election Candidates. There will be a sticker on Kit's Body in Bengali. ex: "With Generous Help from Chan Mia" 2 Roshnee Agents will be working in each targeted village. We are partnered with Developmental NGO named Pally Bikash Kendra (PBK).

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Its a new invention of producing electricity. So nobody is conducting the electricity problem the same way we are doing. Most of the other projects are trying to store electricity in a portable battery and then deliver to the customers or by using bio gas plant.
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Bangladesh, Dhaka

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Bangladesh, Dhaka

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Health and Hygiene, Waste and Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing, Opportunities for Women.

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Our actual target customers are off-grid rural village people (about 56 million)
who are not blessed with electricity. As Roshnee kit is the cheapest source of electricity, our target group is determined to use it.
Initially in targeted villages 800-900 Roshnee kits will be provided to the
families at a cost of $3 collaborating with PALLY BIKASH KENDRA and
RURAL SERVICE FOUNDATION. These NGO stuffs will motivate the
families telling cost benefit of adapting Roshnee kit alongside.

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In 2013 as a pilot project, we took “Shabdi” village as our site. We had been
able to provide electricity at Shabdi village through ROSHNEE kit to more
than 32 houses. .Thus, Noticeable social impact was found in our survey.
Drop out from school had also been reduced from 63% to 35%. Now, 76%
primary school going children study at night. Literacy rate(Primary level
passed) has been increased from 13% to 21%.

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