Fuel of the Future

Fuel of the Future: Production of environmentally friendly fuel briquettes

Tomsk, RussiaTomsk, Russia
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
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In order to reduce the harmful effects of fuel on the environment, we provide companies and individuals with a smart heating solution - fuel briquettes produced from lumber waste. Not only it can help save the environment but it is also convenient, easy and economical.

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What if our solution could help stop climate change?
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Evidence obtained from various research studies suggest that since the middle of the nineteenth century, carbon dioxide content in the atmospheric air has increased by at least 25 percent. This is mainly because of excessive use of fuels all across the globe. It is estimated that the temperature is going to increase further in the next hundred years. Thus our planet will be much hotter in the next century.

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Our pressed wood briquettes burn at a high temperature, which ensures complete combustion, which in turn gives the advantages of a long combustion time (5-8 hours) and low ash content (about 0.5%). The density of wood is increased so that the calorific value of the briquettes is comparable to coal. These briquettes produce considerably less CO2 emissions than standard fuels: 10 times less CO2 emissions than natural gas, 20 times less than light oil and 50 times less than coal. In addition, they cost about 2 times less expensive than coal.
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Russia is a country of opportunities, where with proper desire and perseverance people can achieve great things. This is what happened in our history, as always there were no signs of trouble. It was getting dark. People noticed that using coal and heavy fuel oil to heat their homes has a negative impact on their environment and on their financial condition. Analyzing the market, a small group of like-minded people became engaged in manufacture and distribution of ecological fuel briquettes. After 5 years, they had 10 branches in all major cities, more than 1000 workers, and the cities located near their plants transferred about 30% of their heating requirements to fuel briquettes.

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The Siberian Federal District includes 12 subjects, representatives of our company work in 5 of them. Thus by our estimations we can help improve the health of 26.5 million people.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We will continuously improve whatever that makes Siberia unique, modify it and offer it to people so that they, too, begin to take care of the environment. By cultivating this idea through our products, we will not only make money but will also focus on the urgent issues that surround us.

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Since our company has already been working for profit for 2 years, its financial sustainability is mostly supported by customers who further on sell our products. Naturally for the company to go nationwide and later on globalwide we will need to expand our customer network and set deals with new investors.

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A lot of companies are engaged in this industry, but most of them set very high prices: the average price in Tomsk is 7000 RUR per ton, while we offer 5000 RUR per ton. Our key secret of success is that we have a partner who works in wood industry and we help him recycle lumber waste.

Founding Story

Living in the biggest country in the world and, more specifically, in one of the most beautiful regions in Russia (Siberia), I always felt that we have more to offer to other markets than just oil and gas. But first and foremost my attention was drawn to local population. I founded my company to be able to provide people with healthy, natural and eco-friendly solutions which will not only help them improve their health but will also help them reduce their own personal impact on the environment.


My team currently includes 3 members: myself as CEO, my Executive Director Oleg Bondarenko and our partner Mikhail Zhigailo. We have been working closely as a team for several years, having known each other even before we started our business. Oleg is responsible for overseeing the flow of business, while I am the one who usually comes up with new ideas and solutions. Mikhail is responsible for customer relations and finding new clients.
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Gold of Siberia
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Gold of Siberia

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, Tomsk

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, Tomsk

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Individuals, Regional government, Customers.


Greenhouse Gases, Sustainable Sourcing.

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The first type of audience is people aged 25 to 55 who use briquettes to heat their homes, offices, shops, most often these are private business owners. The second type are large companies who use heating services in their activities to provide comfortable conditions. Example: Russian Railways company which carries people in its trains during winter time usually uses coal as a source of heating. If they used our briquettes, they could cut their costs for heating 1.7-fold and reduce CO2 emissions 50-fold.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

Any company needs to develop. The resulting prize money will help us to strengthen our work in this area and go international with our products in order to embrace more people who can improve their health by eating our products.

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My company is my first entrepreneurial experience, however, it has been operating effectively in the Tomsk region for 2 years already.

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