MEGA Generation: The Game with Impact

MEGA Generation: The Game with Impact: We offer people to play for impact.

MoldovaChisinau, Moldova
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) is the offline community and online gamified platform that offers young people experience of peer-to-peer learning, networking, career and green business and creation of social/environmental impact in a fun way.

We build Google for positive impact.

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What if Farmville and WarCraft were creating positive impact in society and environment during the play?
About Project

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The developing country of Moldova faces not only the degradation of the environment, but also the lack of specialists to address this issue. And the current education system does not provide attractive opportunities for youth to become these specialists. Thus, we have chosen to address 3 social/environmental challenges: 1) Pollution of environment; 2) Lack of experienced specialists in environment protection; 3) Inadequate education system.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The solution is truly MEGA! MEGA offers young people from Moldova and neighbouring states a fun and engaging way to learn & create positive impact. In detail, it represents the online and offline game platform, which gives all pupils, students from Moldova, other Central Eastern European countries and further worldwide the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in environmental management, share them with community members, plan and realize social/environmental projects and startups together and ultimately create measurable impact. This gamified platform consists of collaborative space for community learning, action-style missions, internships in various countries, etc. More info:
Impact: How does it Work

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The closest example of MEGA and the MEGA Generation is the prototyping of the game concept within the project GREEN (Garbage Recycling and Environmental Education Nationwide) organized in 3 schools in Moldova and co-funded by Regional Environmental Center. Project participants entered the GREEN Game "Waste Wars: A New Hope" and acted as agents of positive social/environmental change. They went through agents training, reconnaissance missions, planning environmental strategy, realizing it and evaluating impact achieved. During the whole process they accumulated points and badges giving the players access to special gadgets. Check the whole GREEN Game here:

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The social impact of MEGA will be: + Young people from both traditional schools/universities and orphanages in developing countries have open access to practical, attractive and impact-generating learning on social/environmental issues and solutions; + Young and experienced environmental specialists working in companies, organizations and institutions and contributing to the protection of the environment; + Social/environmental projects and startups created by pupils and students through the MEGA Generation platform; + Results of their research and impact projects are available for application in real environmental initiatives and policies; + Improvement of the environment in Moldova and neighbouring states. To put it concrete, MEGA impact statement is: 1700 MEGA Change Agents working in 200 environmental organizations and having established 300 social/green startups by 2020.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The spread and scaling strategies are based on the 2 core concepts of MEGA: 1. Gamification + The learning process is designed in the form of a game, making it fun and attractive for young people to take part in it. + The game features elements of challenges and competitions, stimulating more players and schools to join it, organize own competitions and challenge each other. 2. Community + The whole MEGA Generation is designed to scale up virally by engaging the players community and partner NGOs in its development and growth. + The platform is shared and shapen up openly by the players.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Financial sustainability is ensured through 2 main revenue streams: 1) From one side students purchase of Pro accounts with special features, acquire virtual tools/goods to unlock certain missions and achievements and pay fees for participating in MEGA Impact Championships as teams. 2) From another side private and public institutions purchase Corporate accounts & support players’ projects with sponsorship, where 10% contribution goes to MEGA.

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The current social/environmental education challenge is addressed by a number of universities and a large number of environmental NGOs. However, their activities in this domain are occasional, uncoordinated and focused mostly on theory instead of practice. Therefore the demand for these lectures and workshops decreases, and young people passionate about environment either leave the country to seek better opportunities abroad or choose another domain of interest. The NGOs still provide good learning contribution. Therefore MEGA offers them to join the collaborative platform within the Game.

Founding Story

The first idea about MEGA appeared after participation in the Global Environmental Governance programme at the University of Copenhagen ( It is there we understood the demand for similar integrated and interactive educational initiatives. So, we decided to bring them to our home country Moldova. The next push forward came during the summer school on leadership and governance organized by the British Embassy in Chisinau. There we shaped up the prototype of the MEGA Generation game - the environmental project GREEN (Garbage Recycling and Environmental Education Nationwide). During the organizational activity within GREEN we have found each other and formed the basis of the MEGA Team. Further on more people have joined us.


Our core MEGA Team consists of 5 diverse young people: + Alexandr Iscenco, MEGA Research and Cooperation Coordinator; + Ruxanda Vihrest, MEGA Brand and Communication Coordinator; + Maria Movila, MEGA Learning and Change Agents Coordinator; + Natalia Ursu, MEGA Support Coordinator; + Elena Scutaru, MEGA Censor. More information about the whole MEGA Team is here:
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Water Use, Greenhouse Gases, Waste and Packaging.

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2 groups of customers:
1) Young citizens and entrepreneurs willing to improve the state of the environment and start own green businesses. They are engaged as players by taking on missions, measuring results, improving knowledge and skills, managing teams and building up real green startups with other players by using game tools.
2) Public and private economic agents involved in CSR and eco-innovations. They participate as mission providers benefiting from crowdsourced contributions of MEGA community.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

The prize money will support us greatly in developing the full-scale MEGA Generation gamified platform with such important features as Training Center, Library of Opportunities, Networking Center and Startup Management Interface. We have planned to launch the final version of the platform during the next World Environment Day on the 5th of July 2015. And then we will focus on and invest in scaling up MEGA Generation platform and community beyond Moldova to the whole Europe and then worldwide.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

The previous startup I co-founded and managed is Dreamups ( – the platform for co-creating open-source eco-innovations. Together with other team members we organized co-creation events (, featured 55 eco-innovations from 43 makers and won a number of awards (

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