OMOMi: OMOMi is a mobile platform that connects mothers with doctors in real-time

BENIN, NigeriaBENIN, Nigeria
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$10,000 - $50,000
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ỌMỌMI is a mobile application that is designed with the child's health needs in mind. The app covers all of the World Health Organization's (WHO) childhood survival strategies, and will enable parents easily monitor their children's health at the touch of a button

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What if your smart phone can be used to monitor your child's health and save his/her life?
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Africa offers the biggest challenge in terms of health care delivery. With only 14 percent of the world’s population, it bears almost half of the global health burden. Despite this, Africa has been unable to efficiently deliver health care, and particularly disconcerting is the provision of maternal and child health care. For example, Africa remains the continent with the worst maternal and child health record in the world!

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ỌMỌMI (which means “my child”) is an android-based mobile application that is designed with the child's health needs in mind. The app has a vaccination reminder and scheduler, a child growth monitor and a GPS locator of the nearest hospital in case of emergencies. It also has vital health tips on breast feeding and the home management of diarrhoea. Furthermore the app has a mothers community section which provides a safe and secure platform for mothers, with online discussion boards to crowdsource answers to questions concerning their health and that of their children, as well as get answers from medical personnel. The app is the very first app worldwide that focuses on fulfilling ALL of the WHO's Childhood survival strategies
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One of our active users, a house wife from Lagos State, Nigeria, Mrs Arinze benefited immensely from our Mothers Community. Her 3 day old female neonate suddenly developed jaundice (yellowness of the eyes). She posted a message on the MOTHERS COMMUNITY, asking for opinions from the moms and doctors on the platform. Immediately, another mom Bertha as well as a doctor on the app Dr Isabel, advised her to take her child to a hospital immediately, as jaundice in the newborn (as the doctor explained it) should not be taken lightly and in fact the child needed phototherapy. When she did get to the hospital, phototherapy was commenced for the child and the doctors were surprised that she got such useful advice from total strangers in an app.

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The product is targeted at mothers and healthcare professionals. With almost 1000 downloads in barely 4 months of beta launch, it is already affecting lives. To date, the product has over 400 active users, most of them young to middle aged working class moms and house wives who have found the mothers community of the app particularly helpful. Medical personnel (especially doctors) have also found our app useful as the mothers community section affords them the opportunity to get across to mothers who might not be able to make it to the hospitals, as the doctor:patient ratio in Nigeria is 1:6400. The solution is novel and spreading every day. As the solution spreads and becomes even more popular it will reach even more moms across the country and outside (currently 30 percent off the users are actually rom India). With the estimated 34.5 million people who use smart phones in Nigeria

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

It is important that we upscale this solution as it has the potential to save even more lives. Currently Nigeria has no policy restrictions for our product. So far we have been using online and on-the-ground marketing to increase the spread of our product. Most smart phone users in Nigeria are in the major cities, so for now our attention focuses on increasing the visibility of the product in these areas. With the introduction of the SMS-based short code service soon, our goal within the next 5years is to reach every mother with a phone regardless of their location or socio-economic status

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1. Paid premium features: We shall charge users a small fee to use certain (premium) features on the app such as the registration of more than one child. 2. Display of paid adverts from popular baby and mother care companies. 3. The introduction of an SMS-based short code service in order to be able to reach every mother in the country with a mobile phone, and not only those with smart phones. This will increase the reach of the solution

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Some other products (web and mobile apps) cover certain aspects of our solution. For example, there are different child growth charts and monitors on the internet, as well as vaccination trackers. However, our solution is unique because it is the 1st app that aggregates all of these different solutions in one platform, thus making it easier for a parent to use, and making more impact at the same time. The OMOMI app meets international health standards because it is the ONLY app worldwide the covers ALL of the WHO's Childhood survival strategies.

Founding Story

Dr Emmanuel and I have always shared a passion to change the world; to make it better than we met it. We went to medical school together, and by final year we had begun putting plans in place to start an mhealth startup. Since we we didn't have the tech expertise, we needed to find a co-founder with the necessary tech experience and skills. I represented represented Nigeria at the Global Startup Youth 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was here i met Raman Anurag, a software engineer and all-round tech genius. Talking over coffee one day about our OMOMI project, he decided to join as and together we co-founded MOBicure


Dr Emmanuel Owobu Raman Anurag
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University Of Benin Teaching Hospital
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Charles Immanuel

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University Of Benin Teaching Hospital

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Friends and family, Individuals.


Health and Hygiene.

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Our customer group is made up of young to middle-aged working class moms and housewives, who represent over 70 percent of our users.
The other 30 percent are medical personnel (especially doctors).
Both groups greatly value the solution as it brings health solutions to mothers, as well as provides an avenue for doctors to interact with mothers and offer useful medical advice using the very vibrant mothers community. Thus the mothers community has provided an avenue to engage both customer groups

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

Winning the award will be a game changer for us. Though word of our solution is spreading, the publicity the award will give us will get word of our solution out to even more people, especially key stakeholders in the health care sector such as the government as well as international agencies.
Furthermore, the prize money will aid in the introduction of the SMS-based short code service in order to be able to reach every mother in the country with a mobile phone. This is the single, most important long term sustainable future of our solution; our end-game so to speak, as with this we are guaranteed to make an impact for years to come.

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I am a young medical doctor from Nigeria. I represented the United Nations (UNEP) in Mongolia in June 2013, for World Environment Day after winning the prestigious World Environment Day 2013 blogging competition.
A social entrepreneur, I recently cofounded MOBicure, a company offering mhealth solutions for Africa. I represented Nigeria at the Global Startup Youth and Global Entrepreneurship summit 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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