Optimum Utilization of Bagasse (Sugar Cane)

Optimum Utilization of Bagasse (Sugar Cane): Revamping and Optimum use of Bagasse as energy for growth and welfare

Mir Pur Khas and other Rural Areas, PakistanKarachi, Pakistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
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Optimizing and Utilizing Bagasse obtained from Sugar cane will solve much of the energy Crises in under developing and third world countries.

Using it as a source of heat for boilers, generating electricity, creating employment opportunities and life standards are the basic goal of the project.

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We run out of Fossil Fuels ? Do we have alternatives ? Are we Prepared ?
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Bring people and experts attention towards Proper use and utilization of Bagasse that is a by-product of sugar cane in third world and under developing countries and suppressing its use for furniture, cattle feed and other uses ?

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constructing small power plants that use bagasse as a feed for boilers and generating electricity for particular area or district. creating Briquettes that has a high calorific value for burning purpose instead of woods in rural areas. Use of ash as fertilizer for farmers in sugar crops. This will eventually create employment opportunities, improve the standard of living, creating awareness and better use of resource, reduces use of natural resource and fossil fuels, improve education system, create a healthy and pollution free environment, improve standard of farmers and their family, benefits them economically, other working and business opportunities will develop in that particular area.
Impact: How does it Work

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In Pakistan Energy crisis are at there peaks, by installing small scale power plant that use bagasse as a boiler feed for generating electricity will certainly make a impact, explain as follows : 1) Installing power plants will create employment opportunities in particular area, circulation of education and money will be created, suppressing the usage of fossil fuels and natural resource will take place and that in near future result in minimizing of energy crisis 2) further more ash will be produce that will be use as fertilizers by farmers, community will develop and people will focus on different issues and problems. 3) with time lapse the particular area and its community will be educate and develop and will turn from rural to urban

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In Pakistan there are currently 72 sugar mills all along, particularly 38 in Sindh, 26 in Punjab, others in different parts, that are consuming 55.3 million tons of sugar cane per year according to the study by FBR (Federal board Of Revenue) and for each ton of sugar cane 300 kg of bagasse is produced as by product. so having a surplus quantity of bagasse and utilizing it as a fuel for boiler that will generate electricity is the idea what i'm trying to generate. Pakistan have a total population of 180 Million approx of which 70% of the population live in rural areas that are out of electricity,education and are unemployed. from above mention figures if and only if we only struggle to construct 5 to 6 power plants i think we can create a difference, because energy and education i think are most valuable things these days that can bring a change and bring prosperity for one and all.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

geographically our targets are those countries that are producing sugar cane but among them there are some that are well develop and are using nuclear tech as energy, depleting them all others are our targets. Impact will start with the construction to the fully operation of power plant, 1) labor of particular area will be used, that will turn from unskilled to fully skilled,people will focus on different resource, occupation,education and well being of themselves. so after 5 to 10 years a well develop, skilled and educated community can be seen to uprise from different areas and reigons

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

payback period will take a small time duration, and eventually it will generate profits, one's initial cost is achieved. energy is the necessity now days and getting cheaper electricity are the priority now days, so this idea ensure itself for the financial sustainability and will grow as demand increases.

Founding Story

visiting Mirpur Khas last year for my final year project and founding ourselves in some trouble let me realize that this resource can be utilize in a better way that will bring prosperity in that area but bringing it up to the concern people was a hard job although I tried but didn't achieve. This particular competition got my attention and I'm again delivering my idea for best benefit of the people and for there welfare.


Although I'm only a fresh graduate but as a Chemical engineer I also had planned it out. The team will comprise of different people in different groups, there will be a Engineering team, a Finance team, and a Human Resource division, that will carry out there roles and as project grows more and more people will be needed for operations and for the awareness of people.
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, S, Karachi

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, S, Mir Pur Khas and other Rural Areas

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Businesses, Regional government, National government, Customers, Other.


Health and Hygiene, Greenhouse Gases, Waste and Packaging, Sustainable Sourcing, Opportunities for Women.

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Although its an Idea, the prize money and publicity will eventually gathers people attention towards the project and will certainly help in creating a difference and awareness in all third world and under developing countries.
The proper utilization and use is the basic theme of the project through which we can achieve our sustainability but publicity will try to make it more effective. Prize money will cover little of the solution scale although investment is needed initially but the payback and return will be occupied in near future.

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

although I'm a fresh graduate and I don't have much of the experience but as a student I have participated in different projects,activities and as an internee in different industries that helped me in developing my experience and skills.

List of Projects:
1) Sugar Industry
2) Purification and filteration

Internee At :
1) fertilizer Plant
2) Gas Plant and distribution system

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