SocialGiver: Converts spare service capacity into social impact

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$50,000 - $100,000
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SocialGiver revolutionizes fundraising by breaking barriers between consumer spending and donations through a technology-enabled platform. Helping business utilize spare service capacity to engage customers (Receiving CSR, marketing, cost reductions). Customers get rewards. And projects get funding.

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WHAT IF all the world's wasted spare capacity could magically be turned into funds for social impact?
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Every year, hundreds of Social Projects in Thailand come to a halt due to a lack of funds -leaving vulnerable people, animals, and fragile ecosystems without the support and solutions they need. These problems, wide in scope and diversity, continue to grow at a pace that cannot be matched by resources made available through donations alone. Thailand's social sector is unsustainable.. but this same story can been seen all across the globe.

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SocialGiver raises funds for innovative social projects by creating shared value between all parties involved. SocialGiver solves problems for all three parties: Projects, Business, and People. SocialGiver identifies Social Projects that are working effectively but lack funding. Projects receive funds to create social impact and provide transparency in return SocialGiver helps businesses create value from wasted spare capacity to engage potential customers, enhance brand value, and increase profitability through CSR SocialGiver connects people with leading brands that want to give back to society. Brands reward you with their service every time you donate money to local charities Together, can we make our world a better place.
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An empty hotel room is a sad sight when you realize that its revenue could put a child through school for a year. So too is an empty seat in a restaurant that could feed a hungry family, or an unsold ticket that could save century-old trees. On (SG) users can donate 3,900baht to help put a child through school and receive a one night free stay at a hotel worth 7,000baht! (or select from dozens of other rewards). 1. SG finds a project that needs funds 2. SG signed up a business, pledging a quota of spare capacity per month (e.g.100 rooms) 3. A user donates 3,900 baht to the project and receives a voucher to stay at the hotel 4. Project receives 70% of funds. 30% pays costs 5. Customer gets good experience, tell friends

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

In our pilot stage, 40 businesses signed up, raising over 500,000baht for 5 projects within 5 months. The funds raised has improved the lives of over 190 children in Thailand (from providing basic necessities like food, access to education, or therapy for disabilities) and supplied clean water filtration for 6,100 victims of the Haiyan Typhoon Disaster in the Philippines. SG expects to raise 42million baht for 200 projects in 2016 and up to 135million baht for 600 projects in 2017. SG helps convert spare capacity into funds for projects (converting spending power into donations). SG also helps increase effectiveness in fundraising by providing an innovative fundraising tool. SG improves transparency and accountability by empowering projects to report their expenses and specific measurable impact on our platform -updating businesses and users to boost donor engage and return rates

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

SocialGiver hopes to spread internationally by 2017. We are a social network based platform that offers a new solution for businesses, projects, and people - creating shared value for all three parties (win-win-win). SocialGiver takes a lifestyle approach; we are bridging the gap between those that have enough to give and those who are in need. Shifting up the quality of life and wellbeing of both the givers and receivers. Spare capacity in Thailand's hospitality sector alone is 600billion annually. Around the world, this hidden value is the world's greatest waste (and also opportunity)

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Our costs are covered with a percentage deduction from funds raised. Currently SocialGiver receives 30% of the funds to cover key expenses. This will be reduced in the future when we reach economies of scale. However, if users opt out of a reward, we give 100% to projects without deduction. Future revenue sources also include: CSR consulting, Advertising on our website, PR/Marketing services, Business Fees. SG will break even in 2017

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We have no direct competitors. Our closest alternative is deal website models that have proven to be highly successful within a very limited time. Not only do they not provide value for social projects, they also have a very obvious drawback: they destroy brand value. SocialGiver removes this drawback by replacing the 'cheap deals' selling point with 'transactional CSR' - a concept that 'integrates the customer experience with the giving experience'. Customers receive rewards free, but it creates goodwill, brand loyalty, and a very unique CSR activity from the waste they currently throw away

Founding Story

My focus has always been to identify breakthrough innovations - solutions that are not only sustainable and scalable, but that would also change the way we do things. I believe that we have discovered a perfect social innovation that will transform the service sector in the most wonderful way, integrated with a perfect economic innovation that would change the way we make a difference - helping to shift people’s lifestyle into a new dimension. It took me 2 years to develop the SocialGiver model; talking with hundreds of businesses, people, and projects. Last year, we successfully launched a pilot model and it became an instant success. 40 businesses signed up and 35 media articles were written about us. Today we're launching the real web


Arch (Fulltime CEO) is an expert in social innovation, public participation, and has successfully executed numerous projects with over 50 partners from all sectors Aliza (Fulltime Partnership Developer) is an expert communicator from a multinational, providing solutions for thousands of local businesses Thomas (Fulltime CTO) has launched an SE in Denmark Poomnuree (Parttime Marketing) Plans domestic and international market product launches
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, Bangkok

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Friends and family, Individuals.


Waste and Packaging.

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Spare capacity is the world's greatest waste. SocialGiver helps businesses create value from spare capacity to engage potential customers, enhance brand value, and increase profitability through CSR

SocialGiver connects people with leading brands that want to give back to society; people receive amazing rewards every time they support charities

Social projects that have struggled to secure funds from the limited 'donation' pool now has access to the limitless pool of 'consumer spending'

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

In expanding, SocialGiver is looking to create a conscious consumer movement around the world to empower people's choices in supporting socially responsible businesses.

The prize would allow us to perfect or model in Thailand and prepare SocialGiver to scale internationally. By 2017, within Thailand alone, SocialGiver aims to raise 135m baht for 600 projects. With your help we can reach thousands more - and not by asking for more donations... but by bridging the gap between spending and donating. Allowing people to live better lifestyles whist improving society through the simple act of 'sharing'

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

In 2012, I created IDEACUBES “The World’s First Citywide Ideas Exhibition”. 100 leading artists volunteered to each create a 1mX1mX1m IDEACUBE to raise awareness for their favorite idea to trigger take action. The 100 IDEACUBES were exhibited across 20 locations throughout Bangkok, receiving over 50 media mentions and 35 Celebrity endorsements.
Past: Head consultant for UN's MYWORLD2015 project and helped engage 70,000 thai citizens in 5 months

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