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Tunisian Association of Agronomists: Nature-UP

Tunis, Tunisia
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Forest degradation in northern Tunisia, overuse and mismanagement of forest resources, low valorization of honey and natural aroma potential present today a real threat to the environment, social and economic stability of the native population.

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- Forest degradation in northern Tunisia. - Over use and mismanagement of forest resources. - Low valuation of honey and aromatic potential now present a real threat to the environment. - Social and economic instability of the native population.

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Given that the development and implementation of a system based on the local plant heritage and the community is the key solution to the development of the region, our project of a honey and aromatic plant nursery has as goals: to identify a process and a series of technologies to restore forest resources, insure a good management and conservation of genetic forest resources, install models of bio-rehabilitation for the degenerated land in order to insure diversity of the agro-forest crop, preserve the biodiversity through breeding existing local species and the introduction of new ones, enhance the role of rural women through their integration in the production chain to insure good management, production, transformation and marketing of th
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In northern Tunisia, families used to live from beekeeping, forestry exploitation and apiarian activities . The forest was indeed the main source of living and employment for the majority of the inhabitants of the region. Today, this wealth is threatened by forest degradation and families are at risk of poverty due to overexploitation of this natural heritage. Thanks to our project and as opposite to the existing practices and policies, we will be reforesting forests, other tree species will be integrated and fauna will be diversified, which will contribute to the development of beekeeping and preserve the environment. Women will be resuming old activities like oil extraction and others will be exploring new employment horizons.

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Ensure production of 100,000 plants / year / nursery. We aim to plant 100,000 trees and plants dice the beginning of project implementation and provide additional training to 54 beneficiaries of the project Api-Nature already installed in the region on permaculture by the end of 2015. Creating 2 nurseries prototypes in Jendouba and Siliana with the contribution of graduates of this regions as active. On the other hand an increase in numbers of hives per hectar, lead to an increase honey production and distillates which consequently lead to increased incomes and improved standards of living. of corse state forest nurseries will be affected by this project template.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

In the medium term, we strive increasing numbers of beneficiaries and cover all arable land is 17.5% of Tunisia, consider a pay per year for farmers to improve their guarantee living standards and consequently a contribution to the national economy. The culmination to a more multi valus products use project and the creation of a culture of healthy community life awareness on environmental concepts and recovery natural resources enlarges the scope and distribute the product elsewhere in Algeria and Morocco and to cooperate with new farmers and cooperatives.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Funding donations EEC partners, IOM, with what, a nursery project is already working on a large project Api-Nature integrates all value chains of honey production on this project, for which we have already we are al blessed by the state and management of forests. Levy on the products value chains developed (ex. marketing of honey labeled on a separate circuit to the association or its partners and associates.)

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Currently several institutions reflect the same subject, but no real initiative entries taken on the ground because of a lack of will. we would like the contagion and spread our idea by the Office of livestock grazing institutions (OEP), the management of forests and NGOs for focused our work on the development of value chains around  this new dynamism and better exploitation of the wealth produced, even on the research and improvement of local animal and plant potential

Founding Story

In the study of Api-Nature project in the regions of Mpumalanga and Jendouba, the issue of biodiversity of forest resources is a major constraint to sustainable beekeeping. This led us to focus our thinking to adopt a strategy to find a lasting solution to the conservation of natural resources.


khadija KARBOUL: Staff Rihab MILOUD: Staff Khaled KDOUS:Staff
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Sustainable Sourcing, Opportunities for Women.

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This nursery has a moral value for the population of this region More than a physical value. And we know in advance that this value will weld strength and determination to make this dream a reality. We sincerely believe that, with the support of the state and the forest management of our project will be a success and opening new horizons.

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This project as dream needs the strength and determination to nourish and enlarge, but we need financial resources to execute, we will do our strength and ensure the sustainability of this project but we cant do so much without support and help that we hope from state institutions and NGO for the project to work and be a model for all of Tunisia by its expected socio-economic and technical results.

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as an association, we had a similar experience with a small project to rehabilitate a nursery in Beni-Mtir which was shared with the local women of the joy of work and recover a lost life is a unique experience that could approach these women and know their difficult conditions, several other projects are being elaborations on the themes of environmental sustainability, rural woman ....

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