Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD)

Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD): Let’s rebuild our nation!

21 districts of Bangladesh, BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Volunteer for Bangladesh is the first and largest nation-wide youth platform in Bangladesh which drives the huge untapped young people for the betterment of community and the nation. Currently VBD is working with 12,000 volunteers to bring positive changes in the lives of mass people in Bangladesh.

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What if every youth worked hand in hand to make world a better place?
About Project

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About one third of population is youth in Bangladesh, which is the most densely populated country of the world. However, the youth of Bangladesh is still remained untapped and excluded development process of the country. Consequently, the existence of promising youth goes uncounted and their stories remain unheard leaving them entrapped in the cycle of unemployment.

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VBD combines the spirit of volunteerism with the strength and goodwill of youth for bringing substantial social change and raising awareness among the masses. Here the youth are connected in a non-political milieu equipping them with necessary skills and training for that matter. To engage youth from diverse areas, different Volunteer Action Groups are established throughout the country and they independently run their own projects addressing the crucial problems of society. The trained volunteers engage other youth and thus district level volunteer group work under the supervision of National board. Through its different activities, VBD activate and unify the youth to utilize its accumulated power to address the social issues.
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Anmol (18), was totally dejected when he came to know that one of his family members got affected by deadly cancer. Depression engulfed him but something came to his mind. Anmol, who was a volunteer of VBD of Dhaka District, with other volunteers, started a unique campaign – “School of Survivor”. The volunteers visited cancer patients at different hospital, spent time with cancer affected children in hospitals, played with them, sung song together ‘we shall overcome’ and tried to fulfill their last wish. They created awareness about cancer and people were told they deserve love to overcome the deadly disease. Later, similar initiatives were taken for acid survivors, senior citizen at old home, orphan children, and Autistic Children.

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Currently VBD has 12,000 volunteers from all around the country who are actively engaged in different community programs. Till date, we have established Volunteer Action Groups in 29 districts of Bangladesh and these Action Groups independently run their own projects engaging philanthropists and community members at local level. Moreover, to spread the spirit of volunteerism worldwide, branches have been launched in Australia, Canada, UK and USA. Over the years, VBD has activated youth through different programs which includes – campaign for education for all, raising awareness about the protection of environment and reduction of pollutions, providing training to potential young entrepreneurs, creating trained youth group for rescue operation in case of natural disaster etc. Moreover, we are creating next generation leaders in every field; be it politics, business or social work.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Demographics show that lion’s share (73%) of the population live in rural part of Bangladesh. We are planning to expand at full scale targeting this large chunk of the population. Given our expansion strategy, we are to establish Action Group in each of the 64 districts of Bangladesh within the next 5 years engaging approximately 50,000 registered volunteers. Moreover, collaboration will be created with other private/government organizations in order to bring policy reform and comprehensive effort to utilize the potential youth of Bangladesh creating leaders in political and social field.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

VBD's sustainability lies in its structure and strategy. Its action groups are trained to implement projects raising fund by their own. However, the central management team that supervise the action groups across the country provides support if necessary. Currently grants from US embassy and some corporate partnership ensure our financial stability. We are planning to extend our existing partnership until Action groups become self-sustainable.

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Being the largest youth volunteer organization, VBD does not view other similar organization as competitors; rather believe in working together with government, civil society and other similar organization. There are some volunteer organizations working in Bangladesh, which are mostly focused on campus or particular issues. However, our approach is comprehensive since we have a strong national network with active grassroots working on both local and national issues together. We also address the existing divide among the youth so that even a marginalized youth of remote area can contribute.

Founding Story

Korvi Rakhsand was only in his early twenty when he founded JAAGO Foundation to educate underprivileged children. While educating future generation, he realized that the youth of Bangladesh, which is one third of total population, is neglected by the state and society. Being a change maker himself, Korvi understood the lack of an organized platform where collective involvement of the youth can be utilized for the welfare of the society. This urge motivated him to found the first and the largest Youth Volunteer Organization in Bangladesh in 2011. Today, 12000 registered volunteers are spread across Bangladesh working for their community spreading the spirit of volunteerism across Bangladesh through chain effect.


The structure of VBD and also the dedicated team contributed in the rapid growth of the organization and vivid impact in its work area. There is a central Management team who decides strategies and design program plans while the national board coordinate and cooperate district level action group. Our team members are mostly youth and from diverse background with strong commitment for the community and country as a whole.
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JAAGO Foundation
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JAAGO Foundation

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, Dhaka

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Friends and family, Individuals, Businesses, Other.


Health and Hygiene, Greenhouse Gases, Opportunities for Women.

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Our primary target is the youth who are one third of the total population of Bangladesh. Till now VBD was designed to target the urban youth of Bangladesh that mostly live in large cities. Now VBD is expanding at full scale in all the other districts, and we are targeting to reach the rural areas of Bangladesh where the lion’s share (73%) of the population live.

Scaling the solution: How would the prize money and publicity help you to achieve your objectives over the next two years?

With the prize money, we have plans to install volunteerism among the school-level-students, besides youth, through skill development training program across Bangladesh.

To share the basic concepts of voluntarism with the students, carefully designed workshops and training programs will be conducted in selected schools. The training programs will focus on basic concepts on voluntarism, community engagement, active citizenship, leadership and project management.

Moreover, the publicity and award, which is provided by world renowned organization, will be an endorsement to our effort for utilizing untapped youth resources for the betterment of community and the nation

Experience: Please provide examples of any previous entrepreneurial initiatives you have pioneered

I also founded JAAGO Foundation the first ever free-of-cost English Medium School which currently has 14 schools across Bangladesh offering education to 1800 disadvantaged children every year.

I am good at engaging youth as I have been listed in the “Top 99 under 33 Influential Foreign Policy Leaders” by The Diplomatic Courier in 2013 and one of “the top 10 globally inspiring Bangladeshis” by the British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration in 2014.

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