Wind Energy For Future(WE4)

Wind Energy For Future(WE4) : WE4F is a project to explorer Wind power and sell it to Nshili Villagers.

Nshili Village, Rwandakigali City, Rwanda
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Wind Energy for Future(WE4F)is a project which aim is to provide Nshili villagers with Wind power(Electricity) for lighting purpose and Modern Stove for cooking. This Wind Power(Electricity) will be obtained through a rigorous process ”. We will installing wind turbines and generate wind power

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what is the most importat of Wind Energy for Future in Rwanda country ?
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In Nshili Village there is problem of energy crisis which heats my country and in whole World. business s not strong shops close 6:30pm when evening start for fear spending much on candles and petrol fuel which doesn't even provide them enough energy . in addition trees are being cut for looking for firewood and charcoals as their alternative energy for heating. this Villagepeople experienced many diseases due to their kitchen are not clean.

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Wind Energy for Future(WE4F) Project come up as a solution for all those problems I have mentioned above caused by Energy Crisis. to solve all those problems ”. We will do so by installing wind turbines (dynamo) which blades will be turned by wind to produce mechanical power. The turbine has an engine system which transforms mechanical power into electricity. The turbines will be positioned strategically in around Nyungwe Naturally forest to ensure there is enough supply of wind to set the turbines in motion. After installation of wind power to each customer we will provide him or her a modern stove in order to avoid smoke in kitchen comes from firewood and charcoals . my target customers is nshili as it close to Nyungwe forest.
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, kigali City

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, Nshili Village

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My target customers are Nshili Villagers as there are about 9500 households. This village has also a small city with approximately 3500 shops, schools, market center, clinics and Restaurants. all of them depends on candles & petrol fuel which can’t even provide light as much as they need.
Households experience many diseases due to lack of hygienic environment. In their kitchens , there are not clean due to smoke comes from firewood, and charcoals used during cooking food. and pollute the region.

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If I get the Prize I will be able to implement my project and overcome energy crisis from my Village to gather generating profit. as The initial capital required for the establishment and operations of the company is USD 54,500. In the first full year of operation, the company has estimated to reach USD 81,951 of sales. The analysts project that the sales will grow to 25% a year within the next 3 years, with the gross profit margin of 78.55%. The payback period of the project is 2 years. if get a prize I can be able also to make business expansion in other villages in our country affected by Energy Crisis. publicity will help me to attract many customers as much as possible. and a business will growing in day to day activities.

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I am experience in 1 year experience in Renewable energy activities where I was working as Habona Ltd. it a start up company dedicate providing a biogas and I was sharing experience with some technicians and other people used Wind power from many different country from USA, EUROPE.
I will be able to achieve my make it succeeding through experience I have got from training, partnership with other companies providing green energy.

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