Creating mobile enable SMS network to strengthen the hands of women of households in achieving recognition in decision making.

Creating mobile enable SMS network to strengthen the hands of women of households in achieving recognition in decision making.

Sri Lanka
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Creating a pilot project to introduce a mobile enable lending and saving network among small women groups to meet their day to day basic needs in ensuring required house hold cash flow while creating relationship and harmony among the members of the network to share their resources, knowledge and opportunities.

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Most of the villagers are living scattered and when meet each other consume time and mobility cost that prevent networking among them and keep them apart with poor relationships and opportunities to share their resources and knowledge. Hence in our innovative approach to make them link with mobile enable SMS [short message system] using mobile and CDMA phones to share their resources, knowledge and financial capabilities facilitated by user friendly software.
The innovative easy to operate sms messege will able to obtain a micro loan from their neighbor with a guaranty by the lender who is a member of the network while creating an opportunity for the lender to earn a justifiable interest for her lending investment fulfilling the just in time need of the loan receiver.
This operation will minimize their operating costs in similar existing lending and saving services and provide and ensure just in time service to prevent loss of socio and economic opportunities in their environment. This is an unique attempt as once achieve the project objectives this would create a shop window for others to replicate it globally.

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Most of the conflicts at rural level occurred due to poor communication, mistrust and misunderstanding each other at village environments. Further, this would prevent developing relationships and harmony among the villagers. Hence with the implementation of this project where we address these issues through a mobile enable easy to operate and handle lending & saving service operate and managed by themselves bridging the communication gaps. The developed relationship and the mutual trust among the women of these groups would facilitate achieving productivity in their day to day livelihood development activities.
The most common situation in the rural life is shortage of cash for their just in time needs in education of the children, sudden illness among family members due to sudden drops in their daily cash flow which come through either with seasonal labour or rain fed crop yields. The implementation of the project activities that ensure just in time cash flow when need will make a significant impact in their house hold lifestyle paying the way for them to recognize the importance of the outcome of the project activities. The operational process would enhance the leaderships and team work towards a harmonized social culture while creating new opportunities for them to open windows in various types of micro level enterprise development along with market linkages assuring a justifiable price for their services and products.Around 300 women will be involved in the pilot project.

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Building the relationship and the trust among the women group members will the primary difficult task as unpaid debts and existing their own methods of lending and saving formulas operating among them had caused severe differences and mistrust. Hence the task of building up the trust in this operation will take some time and it needs to utilize few social mobilization experts to develop the team work, understanding and trust to achieve the project goals.
Further creating an efficient network of receiving and disseminating cash flow among the group also would be a uphill task which need lot of dedication and commitment of the facilitators and animators in the preliminary stage of the project. The lack of leadership and team work of these women groups also to be addressed as another primary problem.

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1. Capacity building of women
2. Establsih the relevant software
3. Orgnaizing a saving & Lending groups
4. Trainig & development in technology application
We posses an excellent team of facilitators having significant experience in social mobilization and need assessments to recognize the most appropriate interventions in capacity development of these women groups while achieving their willingness, direct involvement and positive approaches to get involved in these project activities. Further the trend of usage of SMS through their mobile phones would be a significant advantage in implementing the proposed mobile base saving & lending among the house hold women.
In the initial stages the system will be a challenge for the end receivers until they get used to the system while the sharing will be prevented by ethical, cast base and religious grouping in village environments that cause mistrust among them. To overcome this in the initial stage we concentrate on inter group activities and gradually we will make the way to share between these different groups.

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In a male dominant house hold environment ,empowering the women by organizing a just in cash flow to meet their needs would provide them an equal status in decision making as well as a recognition for them within the family. At the same time the just in time cash flow will ensure the security of basic needs such as education, food& health, especially for the children of the family.
The system will make the women involved as a shop window that would give them recognition as pioneers and, subsequently as peer trainers in expanding the system as well as replicating it in other villagers of the country. Further in an era where the ICT application at village level is vital for rural development this pilot project will be an eye opener for the decision makers to evaluate it and filling the need gaps to develop the operational process.

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Less than $50

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Being a pilot project although it start as a system among friends which is allowed under the existing law but need the recognition of the implementation system with legal endorsements as a rural development programme that enhances the development and expansion and replicating such programmes throughout the country.

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Idea phase

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We maintain a very healthy network and work relationship with all the public/private /Ngo sectors operating in the area addressing the issues of Agri/Dairy and enterprise development activities including market linkages. Hence these networks are vital in ensuring the sustainability of the project activities and productive continuation of the project.

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There is a cost involve in establishing a relevant soft ware and obtaining a server to disseminate the services. Hence the financial requirement we need is around 10000 Us $ to meet this need. Further we expect to raise more funds need to cover the expenses of capacity building and training & development process that would cost around 5000 us$.There will be no direct revenue for the programme in the initial stage and in achieving the sustainabiltiy we xpect to charge a service fee for each clinet inthe netwwork .

The Story
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We have taken part in establishing a e dairy extension system via mobile phones. in the implementing process we had to visit most of the house holds enabling us to exchange our views with the house hold women regarding their needs and gaps. This outcome made us to designing this pilot project idea.

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

Mr Sunil Rodrigo who was our team leader of the e dairy extension prgramme encouraged us to design this pilot project. we as a team design the project methodology taking in to consideration the existing mobile enable dissemination systems of the services.

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Newsletter from Changemakers

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Women’s time poverty, Social norms, Women’s lack of involvement in the technology development process.

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Women could play a major role in poverty eradication if we fulfill the empowerment with required capacity building. Further once train them women are better operators in carrying out micro and village activities to ensure the hose hold cash flow. Hence we have the confidence of women empowerment to achieve results

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Technology introduction, Technology training, Creation and maintenance of market linkages for women's economic outputs.

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Technology application at house hold level by women and make them technologically advance enough to handle and operate the new technology systems will be an added advantage in women empowerment

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The project was adapted to focus on women as a response to this challenge..

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Rural, Low income.

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It is led by a woman/women..

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Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization.

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Working with technologies.