Girls empowerment

Girls empowerment

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Our idea is to help young girls those have no voice in the community we are dreaming to empower these girls and equipping them for human right, leadership skills and HIV/AIDS training, we would like to give them skills if we succeed this agenda and empower their livelihood and capacity of their knowledge.

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Daryel women development Organization
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Daryel women development Organization

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Bossaso International village road

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More than 5 years

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After the disintegration of the Somali government following the civil war of 1991, there has been over a decade of anarchy and lawlessness. This has resulted in many human rights violations most of which are towards women and girls since they are the more vulnerable groups in situations of armed conflict. The conflict has challenged the ability of all Somalis to survive. As the co-relation between the survival and progress of women and that of children is great, the impact of the war has equally been adverse on children, especially Somali girls as the status of adult females indicates that of younger females. Gender segregation is deeply rooted in the socio-cultural structures of Somali society and remains a formidable barrier to women’s participation in decision-making processes and access to, and control of, resources. The effects of cyclic conflict and increasing religious conservativeness have in recent times further reinforced this segregation, leading to total exclusion or peripheral engagement of Somali women and girls in peace and reconstruction efforts.
Somali women as Victims of Violence:
During the conflict Somali women have increasingly become victims of gender-based violence, with an increasing number becoming victims or survivors of sexual violence and others suffering other forms of violence at the domestic level. Ongoing forced migrations have dislocated Somali women from their traditional communal homes, subjecting the women to untold and uncounted violations of their physical integrity and safety. From cultural and religious perspectives, when a woman or girl survives sexual violence, the entire community is stigmatized as a consequence of these acts, with the effect on the woman ranging from psychological trauma, social exclusion and forced marriage to the perpetrators. The absence of statistics on gender-based violence hampers progress in ending violence on Somali women and girls.

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Women and girls are the biggest part of community and biggest number of illiterate and also not attending decision making and social participation are so weak , building capacity of girls are the best step of this nation can be save conflict and violence, missing women and girls in the parts of negotiations and resolution making is the facts that handicapping the progresses of peace enhance in Somalia, increasing capacity of girls and mobilize to their rights as well as all protection the community will be save and mother will understand to encourage their boys to protect girls as their sisters and stop all traditional habits FGM and one moderns people are using now FGC so the community will be save and DAWO are ready to continue the literacy programme that we have and

1. Capacity of at least 60 Somali girls those are from IDP's and urban poor
2. Somali girls have increased capacity to effectively engage in peace and livelihood improvement
3. young girls will able to respond effectively in a timely manner to the ongoing emergency violence to the others
4. Girls will speak out with a focus on their needs and fight violence against girl/women such as rape ,sexual harassment ,FGM,FGC and other discrimination surrounding environment
5. girls will start lead programme for the women and other victim people
6. early marriage and rape will decrease
7. Strengthened voice and visibility of Somali girls in substantive engagements on peace and reconstruction
8. engagement of leadership styles for the group beer girls education
9. training for 30 girls for TOT will have empowerment for Human right education, psychosocial training, leadership skills and will train 300 (three hundred girls those are difficulty to write and read) explain and mobilize all sectors of protection promotion
7. Peace Promotion and conflict prevention
8. Human Rights (respect of world human right convention)
9. Social mobilization and communication for FGM eradication, HIV/Aid prevention and peaceful transformation
Establish close relation and support with emerging Civil Society Organization (youth groups, students association, women groups, traditional and religious leaders)

Problem: Describe the primary problem(s) that your innovation is addressing

After civil war Somalia marriage and ethics behavioral of partnerships between women and men plumetted. Poverty displaced girls from south Somalia. Rural droughts and decreasing livestock's caused more displacement and girls escaped to Bossaso, the biggest town in Puntland, but they have no skills and no Shiling so they are targets for the men. They meet domestic violence sexual harassment, rape, and murder. They are manipulated to work and then are kicked out the job so they are surviving 15 yrs girls with child , they finishing secondary school and they get early marriage because they have no any options. According to the traditional families education goes to boys and they have no faith that girls can lead families or be leaders in society. Instead, girls work as a servants. Most girls cannot avoid to pay local university and even institutes so easily they got early marriage when they finish intermediate school or high school men marriage and divorce soon when they see the pregnancy there is no low can help that women have swimming the harsh live if they are IDP's or not and they are risk HIV/AIDS, trauma, STD increasing orphanages.

DAWO organization have a centers and capacity that we can train and empower victimized silent groups ,here where we are there is no low ( Sharia or international law that can convince girls because all judges are men and even not one woman lawyer. women and girls really are so weaker section in the community and victims are happen mostly young girls those have no experience and knowledge their rights and what is their human values of their selves in the communities in the communities and and always they have familiar victims come from different sectors of young men, gang, government workers and parities.

The culture of Silence is a canker that has eats deeply into the Somali women and society. Violence against Girls in Somalia is as old as history itself and is perpetrated on daily basis and nobody even talks about it.

Actions: Describe the steps that you are taking to make your innovation a success. What might prevent that success?

-Mobilizing girls to participate Girls advocacy forum to invite 400 girls come from different places IDP's families, rich, poor, middle, and sensitize them the common problem and specific problem and build girls alliances in that forum and DAWO will express the last cases of rape, killing and other problems that have faced girls in Bossaso.
-Training for the 30 girls TOT that will train all focusing girls we mentioned.
-TOT will train 210 girls for their skill they gained for 3 months time.
-Providing more training and hiring experts for women and girls development and exciting low harmonizing
-Helping victims girls those are in jail and those are in the hospitals and houses effecting domestic violence's
-Helping cases in the courts by engaging lawyers
-Training with our centers for the girls in writing and IT skills.
-Strengthened voice and visibility of Somali women in substantive engagements on peace and reconstruction.
-Forum for parents and religious groups, government to discuss the violence against women especially young girls.
-Training girls for quick impacts training to promote their livelihood
-Mainstreaming different skills to build more sectors and achieve where we are targeting for free violence and participations political and social, economical whit out any blockage. (6 months administration training , ICT training, tailoring training ,hand craft training )
-Dialogue workshop among all interested stake holders, police, elders, women, youth , local authorities and media
-Dialogue workshop of the CSO local authorities regional and district level,
-Competition workshop for peace for women's poetess (HR, peace and good governance)
-Media builds awareness of HR and broadcasting
-Advocate for government to add charters for this three things
*FGM article to stop totally in this nation
*chargement of the rape cases
*Divorce chargement and feeding children after divorce

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible


Rape and domestic violence reduced
Correction made among adolescent girls.
Increase girl's aware speaking radios
Decreased illiterate girls
Promoted volunteers for TOT training
Prevented early marriage.
Increasing access for ICT among Girls
Rape and domestic violence reduced
Correction made among adolescent girls.
Increase girl's aware speaking radios
Decreased illiterate girls.
Increased level of social, political and economical participation
Enhancing capacity to open dialogue
Reducing domestic violence among the girls
Enhancing free illiterate among all women
Increasing and encouraging gender equality

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Less than $50

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Partnership is what we used and as civil society we are women organizations non profit always we keep relationships for all our community sectors and we used to look for strengthening partnership and advocacy for it, partnership is credit that we achieve more development our community.
Other hand there is great influence from the particle to address our innovation and push us to adjust our objectives and needs of our target that some times following them some times according to women and low capacity most partners have looked beautifully report paper and women grassroots' can achieve more activities than other org. the community are worked and we have good we are working women, girls and other community and they help as the success of the more projects they give land to build markets, garbage pits and they are our core needed. we have individual and groups that live in outside of Somalia such as USA and Holland and we have relationships when we express our idea we receive donation as well as they make us advocacy for others.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

We plan the budget when we set off narrative idea and we follow always the donor we are expecting to receive the amount, and we advocate the projects we are proposed, revenue that we use 70% activities, 5% training material including transportation 10% monitoring and evaluation including DAWO project permanent staff, 7% administration 3% bank charge 5% trainers, advisory contractor staff.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

The important thinks led this innovation is first we come and start this foundation to help women and young girls helps and our major goal is to help women and children for the emergence cases and development, DAWO have a clear goal to work with girls and women in addition to you can sea our name is come from DAWO Daryeel Women Development Organization and DARYEEL means "care for women and development so we started and ending helping women and girls.

Tell us about the person—the social innovator—behind this idea.

The important thinks led this innovation is first we come and start this foundation to help women and young girls helps and our major goal is to help women and children for the emergence cases and development, DAWO have a clear goal to work with girls and women in addition to you can sea our name is come from DAWO Daryeel Women Development Organization and DARYEEL means "care for women and development so we started and ending helping women and girls.

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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We receive this information from interest the women organizations so I am one have receive the Women Resource Centre in UK WRC s

Does your project address any of the following barriers to women’s technology access and use?

Women’s time poverty, Economic or institutional constraints.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how.
Women have no access for information technology and women here in Somalia are poorest of the community as well as most family headed are women so women have no skills to use the technology and economically are very poorest.

Does your project involve women in one or more of the following stages of the technology lifecycle? Identification of the problem the technology will solve:

Technology introduction.

If you checked any of the boxes above, please explain how you will ensure women’s involvement in each relevant phase of the technology lifecycle.

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If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project focused on women from its conception..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Rural, Peri-urban, Low income.

In what ways does your project team/leadership involve women?

It is led by a woman/women., It is led by a woman/women from a developing country..

Has your organization formed any new partnerships in response to this challenge? If so, with what type/s of organization/s?

Non-profit/NGO/community-based organization, Women's organization.

Has your project leadership had prior experience with the following?

Working with women, Working to increase women's economic empowerment through technology, Working on innovation.