Water for sustainable and organic market gardening development at Gassé Doro

Water for sustainable and organic market gardening development at Gassé Doro

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The idea is to develop organic and sustainable market gardening in the Senegalese village of Gassé Doro in order to support the subsaharian family agriculture. This kind of agriculture will allow to ensure food security and diversity. Moreover women will develop activities that generates income. In order to achive these goals, a treadle water pump must be installed on the village well.

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Installing a treadle water pump can be considered as a normal activity in developed country. However in a village of a rural region where water is scarce in a developing developing countries it is definitely an unique innovatiion. Its impact will change the daily life of the villager and of women in particular. They are the first concerned. If their situation change, their family, their children situation will evolve.

This idea is unique because it creates a partnershîp between several actors where the actors from the developing country are really active. Young high school students decided to support and improve the development of the village of Gassé Doro in Senegal and in particular women. They decided to support that village because one of the staff member comes from Gassé Doro. They do that citizenship action on a voluntary basis with their means.

To respect the sustainable development, to adapt to climate changes and to be independet from any suppliers, the NGOs and the villager decided to develop an organic and sustainable market gardening. This is unique and innovation. Villager will be trained fororganic agriculture. Compost will be natural as animal stools will be recycled.

Access to water is a priority for the village, for the famuily, the community and the agriculture. And this can not be innovative in developed countries but in developing countries and in particular in a rural regions, installing a treadle water pump is something quite unique and remarkable. It will facilitate women's daily life, and increase land productivity thanks to the irrigation of bigger plots of lands.

All this will empower women thanks to a better health, economic incomes or diversified food. Besides, women role in the community will evolve as they will control their own development. They will be responsible for their family but will also ve economically independent. All that can influence the place of women in decision-processes of the community.

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The innovation will have a social impact on all the village and above all on women. It will allow them to spend less time and energy collecting water from the well. They will spend thzt time to do other things for their well-being. Moreover, the organic and sustainable market gardening will diversify the community food.

Besides the improvement of women's and the community life, the project gathered all the villager and in particular women around a common project that will change the village daily life and that will empower women who are the driving force of societies nowadays.

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This innovation is addressing the problem of women access to water. It will facilitate their work because they spent more that three hours every days to collect water for their family. Installing a treadle water pump will have a first mpact on their health. They will be less tired because they will do less efforts and they will eat better.

Then the innovation will empower women by facilitating them the development of a sustainable and organic market gardening. At first the harvest will be for their family but then they will commercialize the exceedents to other village by creating a small farming cooperative.

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In Summer 2009, two students went to Gassé Doro to realize a survey about the land, the women's possibility, etc. They lived with them for 3 weeks and shared their daily life. At the end they help them develing a small plant of land behind their houses with seeds such as mango, courgettees or lemon. Some of the seeds gave fruits or vegetables.

Now the project started and all the Gassé Doro community is mobilized with a team of engineers from Guinea to dig a well where the treadle water pump will be installed. In August, other two students will go there to install the pump, make people awxare of water preservation, train women in market gardening, etc.

Cultursal and local context can prevent the innovation to be a success as it requires the success of all the community. For example, the treadle water pump should have been installed last summer but the action has been reproted because the owner well deny to let the pump installed. The chief of the village donated a land where a new well is being digged. Despite of the unexpected eveents, the solidarity is here because everyone knows the stake of the well and its treadle water pump.

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

Over the next three years, it is expected that women have a farming cooperative and that they sell the surplus. It is expected that the community food security is enured as they are independent from pesticides and autonomis in the respect of the environment. Compost will come from animals droppings, unused water that come from the well when pumping will be directed from a basin for animals or to water lands, etc.

Within the next three yeras, it is expected to end the partnerships because that will mean that the women control their own project.

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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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The current partnerships are essential because both partenrs have experiences in developing countries.

Le Partenariat is developing a partnership in the region of Matam. They know how to work in a developing country with people who have differnt needs and expectations. The know the Senegalese culture and know how to adapt, to negotiate, etc. They guide Gassé Doro association during the project.

The GEDAM association is specialized in agriculture. They are in charge of the technical aspect concerning plots, lands, sees, the water pump localization, etc.

Eventually the SUNUBIO association is specialized in the development of organic and sustainable agriculture in developing countries. The members of a=the associations aim at making people from developing countries autonomous and independent using natural, cheaper and accessible natural resources instead of pesticides that damage the environment, are not well adapted to the climate in Senegal and that are expensive.

The women's group will develop a healthy and sustainable agriculture thanks to all these partnerships.

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This action is supported by the contribution of the Gassé Doro association memebers. Moreover, differents subsidy applications have been submitted to local governments such as French regional council.

The Story
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This innovation appeared after a request from the women group of Gassé Doro. The Gassé Doro association had been created to give support for the development of the village. Clothes and school tools had been sent. After a period of reflexion, the women group of Gassé Doro asked for support to install a treadle water pump to improve their daily life and to help them being empowered thanks to activities that generate incomes

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This idea is not based on one social innovator but on the collaborative work and the partnership between a French NGO and a Senegalese women group. Needs and expectations are different in developed countries and developing countries. The idea was not to imposed the vision of the NGO from the developed country but to meet women's expectations according to their priorities. They passed on their needs and after exchanges, it has been decided to install a treadle water pump on the well to develop sustainable and organic gardening market, to diversiy the food and to create activities that generates incomes.

This women group had already built an electric millet mill on their own means. Thanks to it, they created an activity that generate incomes. All these initiatives show their volunty to empower themselves, to go ahead without expecting for government action. They do it for their community, for their children.

Gassé Doro association and the women group are not specialized in sustainable agriculture. They have a partnership with a student association that gather students that study agriculture and develop programmes towards developing countries. For the organic and sustainable development, they have the support of SUNUBIO which is an association that development specific programmes that are fiited to developing countries needs and context.

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Friend or family member

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Women’s time poverty, Economic or institutional constraints.

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The treadle water pump will help women access to technologies and use it. The treadle pump will reduce women domestic task that consist in taking water from the well. Currently each women spend daily 3 hours for the water task. With the pump they will dedicate the that time to do other thing for themselvessuch as developing their organic and sustainable market gaardening to feed their family better and to development an activity that generates incomes. This action is an advantage for all the village, for women's empowerment and for the well-being of their family and in particular their children.

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One if the person responsible for the the project is a young girl student. She coordinates the action between France and Gassé Doro concerning all the technical aspect of the project. She is supported by to NGOs: Le Partenariat and Sunubio.

During the project, women will be train on how to use the treadle water pump and how to manage in order to keep it as long as possible. For example, the water that will fell down will be transported thanks to a little "viaduct" to a basin for animals. Women will have to think about ideas to avoid wasting wwater. Moreover they will have a training on organic and sustainalbe market gardening. Later they will have to be trained on small business and how to make it profitable.

If women are a focus of your project, how did this focus evolve?

The project developed a focus on women over time..

Which type of women will your project reach directly?

Rural, Low income.

In what ways does your project team/leadership involve women?

It is led by a woman/women., The core project team includes women., The core project team includes women from developing countries..

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Working with women.