AruaBits: Bits Academy and Kickstart model

Arua, UgandaArua, Uganda
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$10,000 - $50,000
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We offer youth with creative ICT designing, multimedia, enterprise development, life skills capacity development training, provide kickstart financing loan and linkages to other financial. We help them form saving group as their economic basket and investment club where they save and borrow.

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technology could make less privileged youth prosperous?
About Project

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According to Uganda’s 2012 demographic profile, the general population stands at 34,509,205 with the youth forming the bulk of the population at 77% (UN report, 2012), 80% are unemployed youths as per World Bank 2011 report. This problem is worsening among the less privileged youth in informal settlements hence making them fall victims of social evils such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual immorality, gambling as a result of their idleness.

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The rampant youth unemployment among the less privileged youth is partly due to lack of employable and on demand skills, lack of capital to establish business their own businesses that would have empowered them to prosperous life and become successful entrepreneurs. For this we offer training in professional creative ICT multimedia designing, enterprise development, life skills, and provide them with soft kickstart loan, free mentoring to enable them succeed in businesses and access employment opportunity. We also provide sexuality, health education and free counseling to youth in underdeveloped, low opportunity villages, enabling them take informed health choices.


Ocen Godwin, the co-founder and Director of AruaBits recieved a SET (Social Entrepreneurs Transforming) Africa fellowship award in 2015 by International Youth Foundation with support from USAID and MasterCard foundation
Impact: How does it Work

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AruaBits envisioned a generation of young people actively and innovatively transforming their community using technology this enable us design youth friendly creative ICT model to train, and build entrepreneurial capacity of 85 youths (47 female) in creative designing, video production, web/mobile development to supplement the efforts of the government and development partners in contributing towards MDGs commitments. Ayibobua Sunday, 22 years old, Graphics Designer and entrepreneur, one of the pioneer beneficiary and person with disability never imagined what he is capable of doing but after his capacity development training he is a professional graphics designer. A once helpless and useless Sunday now is role model to his peers.

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In November 2014, AruaBits was officially incorporated as guarantee companies (not profit making and non-shareholding) we partnered with; 1. Digital opportunity Trust (DOT) Uganda, trained 380 youth (189 female) in ReachUp! Enterprise soft skills training. In partnership with Butterfly works, Nairobits, CEFORD and Oxfam 100 youth trained in professional creative ICT multimedia capacity development, 60 have established their own businesses and 40 have ventured in businesses directly. We have also established a 30 capacity ICT hub for digital skills development and build a kick start model channel for enterprising and self motivated youth from informal settlements of West Nile.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Providing professional training to 120 youths per year in creative ICT multimedia, enterprise development, business incubation support, mentoring. Approximately 1200 youths trained in 5 years. Support at least 120 entrepreneurial teams with revolving kick start seed financing loan of 2100 US $ for each youth team and link 250 businesses established to potential financing opportunities. Organize spark 5 challenge where potential less privileged girls could pitch creative ideas for seed funding and mentoring.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

AruaBits revenue source is derived from community based attachment nature through which we generate resource such as short term projects, consultancies, higher of our professional service, team. We are able to build brand with local government authorities who directly hire AruaBits for youth based engagements. We also develop fundable proposals using network of partners sharing the same believes with AruaBits.

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Digital Opportunity Trust uses the ReachUp!, Start Up model to train youths and equip them with entrepreneurial skills. Angel’s Initiative and Outbox provide start-ups with working space and training. Our difference with them is the creative ICT Multimedia capacity building training and the kind youth we target (the less privileged) sets our difference to go beyond the norm of only giving training to the youth but enabling them to start businesses by our kick start financing loan and also linkages to other opportunities.

Founding Story

I have a very interesting background, up to 4 years I was enjoying bread and butter, little did I know that there will be life without my parents by my side. I learnt that it is actually easy to give up life if you think you important to yourself alone but the moment you realize your worth to cause the needed change in the world, Africa and Uganda particularly hard work becomes inevitable. I realize finishing university is not the end of the road but the challenge is immense and real-the youth unemployment but I vowed never to be looking for jobs when I can actually create one that can change hundreds and thousands. With friends it gave birth to AruaBits which is now on the run for success.


Director and Founder: Ocen Godwin – SET Africa fellow 2015, Kickstart finalist SAB Miller 2014, Elearning Africa delegate and speaker, 2014. Technical Manager: John Odabo – graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering, majoring in software development. Finance Officer: Atizuyo Vicky – Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Business Accounting. Business developer: Jonah Kajubi – Bachelor of Information Technology. Creative Designer: Minzira Concy-Advanced certificate in graphics designing
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