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KITUI, KenyaKITUI, Kenya
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Rural Health Initiative is a project of Montreal Medical Centre which solely operates in the rural parts of Kenya. It's main aim is to improve maternal and child health in the rural areas. This is achieved through identification and registration of pregnant women and the children under 5 year olds

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What if healthcare services in rural areas were easily accessible?
About Project

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Upsurge in maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the rural areas has always haunted the health sector. Rural Health Initiative is focused in addressing and coming up with a solution towards reducing the high mortality rates.

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Identification of pregnant women and Children under the age of 5 years and their data is taken and fed into our software. The pregnant women are routinely notified through our SMS system on their next visit to the clinic and what is expected of them, health tips on pregnancy-related disorders and their management and helping the mothers come up with an Individual Birth Plan. This ensures that pregnant women are closed monitored and fed with vital information regarding pregnancy. Through the SMS system, they are also supposed to report any problem/danger signs related to pregnancy.Mothers with children under-five years are routinely reminded on their child's next clinic visit for Routine Immunizations, weighing, Vitamin A and Deworming.


Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme Award
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Mwende is a mother of two children aged 6 months and 2 years respectively. In her last pregnancy she only went for one clinic visit at 20 weeks and when at term, she delivered at home being assisted by Traditional birth Attendants. This posed a great risk for her and the baby. Her last born has never gotten the BCG vaccine commonly given at birth and has also missed the other childhood immunizations. She lacks basic knowledge on the various immunizations, weaning and the common childhood illnesses.During our project, we identified her and data collected.She visited our health facility and the various childhood immunizations started on her baby.She was educated on weaning and common childhood illnesses and the next visit to the clinic.

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Currently we have signed up more than 900 clients in our project in the district we are operating in. i.e pregnant women and children under five-year olds. These clients are attending our facility and getting the necessary health services i.e MCH/FP and ANC CLINICS. More clients are joining our project and we looking forward to scale our project in the whole district,county and the whole of Kenya.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We aim at serving the whole of Kitui County by the end of next year. We will involve both public and the private health sectors so as to achieve our goals. When this is achieved, we will move our project to the national level and this means more clients will be served.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Our project will get its finances from our clients who will be seeking services at our health facility. This year our project won the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme Award and this had a great impact on our project financially. We are designing an Android Application (RHI) which will provide information regarding pregnancy, family planning, child health, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections.The App will be downloaded at a fee.

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Currently there is no project in Kitui county which is addressing the same problem. Most hospitals only wait for clients to come to their facility. Our project staffs goes to the grassroots to look for these clients and refer them to our facility.This increases the uptake of MCH/FP and ANC services in our facility hence both parties benefit.

Founding Story

Being the first medical graduate from our community, I always had the passion to help the rural people have access to quality and affordable health services.I started Montreal Medical Centre in our community and this improved the overall access to health services in Mwingi District. A year later i came up with Rural Health Initiative to address the upsurge in maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the rural areas. Nine months down the line, more pregnant women and children under five year olds have been helped by our project leading to a drastic reduction in both maternal and neonatal mortality rates.


Chris Mutandi, The project leader holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and soon he will be doing Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. He has broad knowledge in Health system management, Maternal and child health and Reroductive ehalth. The rest of members are Community Health Workers who run the project in the grassroots.
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