Waste Plastic Collection.

Waste Plastic Collection.: Waste is our Resource.

Aba, NigeriaAba, Nigeria
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$1,000 - $10,000
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My team and I pick waste but recyclable Plastics and Aluminum containers from Dump sites for supply to recycling companies.
Our activities is helping to reduce the amount of Greenhouse gases, Disease Epidemic, Environmental Degradation. But on the other hand, creating jobs for Youths.

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The HeatWave caused by the increase of this Greenhouse gases continues, Death rate and Meningitis will tripple.
About Project

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We are addressing the issue of Climate Change through the reduction of Greenhouse Gases emitted from our Dump sites by collecting and Recycling these Waste Materials. We want a Cleaner Environment for all in Aba, Abia State Nigeria.

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Recycling these Waste Materials is helping Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Prevent Heat Waves and massive Death from Heat and Meningitis, Prevent Environmental Degradation, Create Jobs for over 50 Youths and then, help make our Environment a Sustainable place for all.


New York Forum Africa 2015 Top 50 Most Innovative Start-Up Companies in Africa, Presidential Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) Award 2012. Central Bank of Nigeria - National Youth Service Corps Venture Prize Award 2010.
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Picking Waste is helping us reduce the drastic effect of Climate Change in my community; reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from Dump Sites, Creating Jobs for over 50 Youths, Restore back the damage done by Environmental Degradation.

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Our work is helping to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from these dump sites caused by the Long decomposition of these Non Biodegradable materials. This is also helping to reduce the effect of climate change in our community. In future, we hope to Create more jobs for over 1000 Youths in our community, Restore our Environment and Recycling more Waste into more useful Products.

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We hope to install Automated Recycling Machine through sponsorship, grants and investors to help us Recycle more Waste 5-10 years from now.

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We sell all the Recyclable Waste Plastics to Recycling Companies and make Profits.

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Waste Picking is a Dirty Business and most Young Nigerian Graduate shy away from it. Not many companies pick waste, we the Scavengers/ Waste Pickers do so.

Founding Story

In 2009, I emerge the Best National Youth Corper because I was the President Environmental and Sanitation Group; we made sure that our camp was very clean for over 4,000 Youth Corp Members to stay while the Orientation Program lasted.


Emelone Tochukwu Edwin, Ceo, a seasoned Entreprenuer, Biochemist and works full time in Waste Picking. Chioma Okolo Jf, a Marketing Graduate, Sales Representative and a full time team member. Emelone Eziaku, Information and Library Scientist, Head Advertising and Full time member 40 Crew members of Waste Pickers.
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