Ahmed-Salim Abubakar


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Name: Ahmed-Salim Abubakar
Organization: Sung-zel Biihi Farms and Services
Title: Founder
I am 32years, born in Wa - Upper West Region of Ghana. Married to Sumaiyah Harun Appau, a graduate in Estate Management and have been in practise for about nine years now. Works hard and play harder. And will want to help bring hunger to an end in the world, because I know how it feels to be hungry and to go without it knowing it is not and will not come from anywhere nor anyone.

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We are offering to bring all parties in the agriculture value-chain (cereal) to a common place (an enclave) where farmers will be guaranteed of all the services they require to produce the highest quality products, and consumers assured of the availability of quality products for use.