Alex Harding


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Name: Alex Harding
Organization: Water Ecuador
Title: President, Water Ecuador (Agua Muisne) Corporation
I started a non-profit in 2007 when I was 20 years old that has grown to provide 2,000 people in rural Ecuador with clean drinking water in a sustainable manner. I have also engaged in lab research in the USA to find better ways to treat drinking water, identifying new treatment technologies designed to be practical and affordable for low income settings around the world. Muisne, Ecuador. This rural area with 30,000 inhabitants has been a second home for me since I first went there in 2006. Muisne is a town of intense natural beauty: seven kilometers of untouched beach, palms and mangroves lining the shoreline, rich fishing zones and farmland. It is also home for a community of people with passion and determination to live the best lives possible, but who have experienced a great deal of hardship and suffering. Muisne's population dies 10 years younger than the average for Ecuador as a whole. They lack medical care, clean drinking water, and sanitation. Since getting to know Muisne and its people, I have worked there alongside local people to find ways to improve their health and their lives. I don't want to see young people dying of acute diarrheal illnesses in Muisne because of a lack of clean water. I want Ecuador's children to grow up strong and healthy, without chronic parasitic infections that drain their bodies of nutrients and hinder their physical and intellectual development. I want to see Ecuador as a whole become self-sustaining in manufacturing clean water products and providing its people with clean water. Hometown: Baltimore, MD Education: MD candidate Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (expected graduation 2015); MBA, Harvard Business School, 2014; BA, Yale University, 2008, magna cum laude; Work Experience: Executive Director, Water Ecuador. Water Ecuador is a non-profit corporation registered as a 501(c)3 in the USA and as a non-profit foundation in Ecuador. Water Ecuador is devoted to improving the health of communities in Ecuador by increasing affordable access to clean water in a sustainable manner. Research Experience: Studied Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) and modifications to improve the SODIS protocol for use in low income settings in a laboratory in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Research study was awarded the W. Barry Wood Prize in research at Johns Hopkins. Intern, SR One, GlaxoSmithKline's biotech venture capital group Intern, Boston Consulting Group

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Water Ecuador builds water centers in impoverished communities, sustainably supplying clean water at an affordable price to thousands daily. Profits from our four centers provide wages for our local employees and pay for operating expenses. We run educational campaigns in every community we serve.

Water Ecuador is committed to providing communities with sustainable clean water sources through a broadly replicable and scalable business model. The organization's water centers are designed to be financially autonomous, paying for maintenance and repair costs through water sales. To ensure continued community uptake, Water Ecuador performs aggressive educational work in conjunction with its water center construction. Volunteer staff in the United States educate others about water health through social media and raise money for the construction of new water centers.

Water Ecuador provides access to low-cost clean drinking water in the devloping world in order to prevent disease and improve health and quality of life.

In the end, we want to see the world be a place where clean drinking water is abundant and children do not become sick from the water they drink. We are devoted to providing clean drinking water to communities in Ecuador.