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Name: Jill Vialet
Organization: Playworks
Title: Founder & CEO
Jill Vialet is the CEO and founder of Playworks.  Jill has won a number of awards for her work with Playworks, including the Ashoka Fellowship as an Empathy Fellow, the Forbes 30 Leading Social Entrepreneurs, the James Irvine Award and the Women's Sports Foundation's 40 for 40.  Jill grew up in Washington, DC where she played in epic games of Capture the Flag as a child. She now lives in Oakland, California with her family. 

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Jun 11, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Conflict resolution, Education, Play, Youth development, Sports

Playworks believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. Our goal: establish play and recess as a core strategy for improving children’s health and well-being. We support student's social/emotional learning to ensure they have positive relationships in a supportive environment.