Alicia Baum


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Name: Alicia Baum
Organization: Art Relief International
Title: Grantwriter and fundraiser
I feel strongly connected to South East Asia, and in particular, Thailand. With such a tight knit community, I have received a very warm welcome in Chiang Mai. I would like art therapy to become more common throughout South East Asia. After seeing how effective it is, I believe this innovative (and fun) method could create positive change in various groups. Alicia Baum has a BA in International Development from Dalhousie University, Halifax. After a year abroad in East and South East Asia, she returned to Toronto to complete a post-graduate degree in International Project Management. Alicia currently works with Art Relief International in Chiang Mai Thailand, focusing on grantwriting and fundraising, but always taking the time to assist in workshops with the various groups ARI partners with.

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ARI uses the healing benefits of art to create a fun and therapeutic atmosphere that helps people cope with the difficulties of their everyday lives.