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Name: Alison Halderman
Organization: Room to Grow Educational Publishing
Title: Founder
Passionate about children, planet and writing. Writers for a Sustainable Future - ecofiction, sponsoring the Ecofiction Challenge (annual short story challenges in March to be readable online by April 22nd, Earth Day). Check Facebook for Ecofiction Challenge details and locations. Curriculum creator, teacher, like The Stir Fry Club, more.......

Challenge Entries

Change our stories to create change! Ecofiction Challenge dares communities to imagine and write stories set in a sustainable version of where they live, ecologically and economically sustainable. 5 writers or a whole town! Contests in Feb/March, stories readable online by April 22, Earth Day.

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The StirFry Club is a place where 11-17 year olds focused on personalities (who are we?), time (how to work with it), and money/ resources (how to generate and use wisely). Understanding ourselves and others leads to better empathy and communication. Time in our lives to listen is key for empathy.

Resource biz dedicated to widely accessible learning through play materials (make your own instructions usually an option), trilingual materials to break the "better/worse" perception for bilingual kids and encourage language/geographical/cultural play, "new heroes" series, and more.

This business being built...will launch when first website done. Traditional structures of publishing & catalog sales. Innovative multilingual materials for children and the adults in their lives (parents/teachers), rooted in values of cooperation, nonviolence, respect, sustainable development. I've looked, nothing quite the same out there.

Ecofiction can help us envision and critique changes needed to address global warming and related challenges. WSF organizes and encourages writers on a global scale. Locally, it uses creative writing as a form of discussion and visioning that can generate actual changes in the present.

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