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Ana Cutts

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Name: Ana Cutts
Organization: Habitat for Humanity International Argentina
Title: National Director, Habitat for Humanity Argentina
Ana Cutts is HFHA’s Executive Director. Born in South Africa to missionary parents, Ana has over 15 years of experience managing humanitarian programs in the nonprofit sector. Ana studied in England where she received her B.A. from the University of Nottingham and her Masters in Nonprofit Business Management from the University of Durham. Thereafter, Ana began her professional career in Buenos Aires where she managed a daycare center for homeless children sponsored by the Anglican Church. Ana then aligned herself with the United Nations as a Program Consultant to the Economic Development Unit prior to working as an Official United Nations Liaison of their White Helmets Commission. As an Official Liaison, Ana spent 5 years managing and supervising humanitarian projects in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America. In 2000, Ana became the co-founder of the NGO, Microenergy, which focused on local micro-business development. In 2003, Ana was invited to oversee the opening of HFHA where she acts as the Executive Director. HFHA works in Santa Fe, Lujan, and Buenos Aires, building housing solutions and hope with families that live in inadequate conditions, underscoring the power of national and international volunteerism to develop impoverished communities.

Challenge Entries

The number of families living in squatter conditions in the inner city of Buenos Aires is growing. Most of these pay high rates to informally "rent" shared facilities in precarious and unhealthy buildings. Habitat para la Humanidad Argentina (HPHA)'s project develops apartments to be rented to such families as a step out of marginalization.

Como en la mayoría de las grandes ciudades, Buenos Aires cuenta con más edificios no utilizados o “mal” utilizados q el número de familias q necesitan vivienda. A menudo se encuentra a dos familias pagando un alquiler a precio de mercado p/ compartir una pequeña habitación donde cocinar, estudiar, dormir y jugar, con baños comunes en edificios deteriorados. El programa de reciclaje de hogares urbanos de Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina desarrolla edificios para q sean alquilados a estas familias a precio de mercado.

Como a maioria das grandes cidades, Buenos Aires tem mais edifícios ñ utilizados ou mal utilizados q famílias c/ necessidade de moradia. Freqüente/e, 2famílias pagam aluguel c/ tx de mercado e compartilham 1pequena sala onde cozinham, estudam e dormim; c/ banheiros coletivos em prédios se deteriorando. O proj Reciclando Habitações Urbanas, da Habitat p/ a Humanidade Argentina, reforma edifícios p/ demolição p/ serem alugado a estas famílias c/ 1 taxa de mercado. A diferença entre a taxa e 1 "Feira de Aluguel" é reservada como poupança. Assim a família pode deixar a sua HPHA (Prog.

As most large cities, Buenos Aires has more unused or badly used buildings than families in need of housing. Two families are often found paying a market rate rent to share a small room where cooking, studying, sleeping and playing all take place, with communal toilets in deteriorating buildings. Habitat for Humanity Argentina's Recycling Urban Homes project develops torn down buildings, to be rented to these squatter families at a market rate.

The Legal Literacy Initiative offers legal assistance to low income families living in inadequate housing conditions. Volunteer lawyers hold free courses within the slums, teaching families how to lawfully acquire title to and protect their property, giving them the sense of security they need in order to build stable, permanent homes on their land without the fear of being evicted.