Andy Bystrom


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Name: Andy Bystrom
Organization: ARCAE
Title: Cofounder; Executive Director
Dedication towards the improvement of the socio-economic state of rural coastal comunities in Costa Rica through inovative sustainable tourism initiatives that focus on the conservation of marine resource Rural coastal communities in Latin America I want the growing Latin American tourism market to positively impact the socio-economic state of small artisanal fishing based coastal communities in a way where local people benefit from tourism income opportunities while not loosing their culture and traditions nor degrading the state of coastal natural resources. Marine conservation--4 years, Pretoma (NGO), ARCAE (NGO, San Jose, Costa Rica Watershed conservation--3 years, Chesapeake Bay, Coastal Georgia, United States Business administration--5 years Vail Resort, Colorado, United States Science teacher--2 years, Quito, Ecuador

Challenge Entries

Project will create economic partnerships/opportunities between artisanal fisher folk and the tourism sector by constructing a locally-supported fisheries co-op for certified, sustainably caught products and direct marketing strategy with local hotels/restaurants. Project will construct a marine research center that contributes to responsible tourism development/heritage protection by promoting local SMEs.