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Name: Anne Roos-Weil
Organization: Pesinet
Title: Co-founder and CEO Pesinet
An Ashoka Fellow since 2010, I am the co-founder and CEO of Pesinet, a pioneering child health monitoring program in Mali whose innovative approach has been recognized internationally. After working on social issues in NGOs and international organizations, I spent three years at Alcatel-Lucent, a telecom equipment provider, coordinating and managing sustainability projects. While studying Social Entrepreneurship in a French business school, I designed Pesinet and deployed the first ground trial of the program. I then worked as Corporate Engagement Manager at The Environment Council, a UK charity specialized in facilitating dialogue and engagement on sustainability. During my free time, I never stopped to develop the NGO and managed to led Pesinet to the international finals of the Global Social Venture Competition in Berkeley, USAin April 2009. I have been leading and developing Pesinet on a full time basis since September 2009. I live in Bamako, where I work daily with the operational teams of the program. Pesinet was recently awarded the international Prize of Convergences 2015, an award given by the European Commission and the Paris City Hall for innovative partnerships contributing to achieving the MDGs.

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Health care

Anne has piloted an affordable, doable and sustainable technology-based system to reduce by 50% the number of African children and mothers who die from benign diseases. Combining simple skills and cell phones, she organizes collect of basic health data (weight, cough, diarrhoea…) and information transfer to the medical staff of local communities for them to know which children or pregnant women need treatment.