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AIDS Awareness CECA20 DRC

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Name: Annemarie Boks
Organization: Africa Inland Mission
Title: Program Director and Financial Manager AIDS Awareness Program
Missionary working with the CECA 20 (Evangelical Church denomination in DR Congo) and active in an AIDS Awareness Program. The country of DR Congo and its people have a big place in my heart. I would like to see PLWHA in DR Congo have access to VCT, PMTCT, ARV and all the care they need in the country close to their homes so that they no longer need to go to Uganda (if they live close enough to the border) or so that they don't lack the treatment they need. 1979: BSc in Nursing; 1979-1983: work as a nurse in 2 different hospitals, mainly medical ward 1983-1986: Bible School Training 1986-1987: Training in Tropical Medicine (Antwerp) 1987-1989: Interim nurse, working in different hospitals on different wards 1989-1996: DRC, professor at a school of nursing, also dean of studies from 1990-1996 1997: professor at school of nurses in Uganda 1998: professor at school of nursing in DR Congo 1999: Master's in Community Health Liverpool 2000-2001: interim nurse in Holland, home-based care 2002-2010: AIDS Awareness Program as Program Technician, financial manager 2011-now: AIDS Awareness Program as Program Director and Financial Manager

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Oct 12, 2011 / 0 Comments / in HIV/AIDS

Our AIDS Awareness Program needs funds to be able to grow and create more Support and Action Groups in the communities and develop other activities.
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With a constant power supply Radio La Savane Energie will be able to reach out to the Kakwa population with their broadcasts.

People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) will have access to care and treatment. They will be open about their health status and people in the communities around them will be ready to assist them in any way possible. This will be reached through the creation of Support and Action Groups in the communities, where local people learn about AIDS, help PLWHA and go out teaching about AIDS.