Ashley Shuyler


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Name: Ashley Shuyler
Organization: AfricAid
Title: Executive Director, AfricAid

Challenge Entries

Tanzania has one of the lowest secondary school graduation rates for girls in the world with only 5% of Tanzanian girls graduating from high school. AfricAid is working to improve this statistic through the Kisa Project in order to develop future female leaders for Tanzania, thus advancing the status of women in this country. Pervasive causes of the problems include deeply-rooted cultural/societal beliefs that women are not as “valuable” or as “worthy” as men.

AfricAid/The Kisa Project ( helps to further the achievement of several important educational objectives established by the Tanzanian government.

The Kisa Project is an AfricAid leadership training initiative that harnesses the power of low-cost computing solutions, social networking and digital storytelling to create a corps of future women leaders in Africa. Kisa helps young women develop ICT skills, build powerful social networks, connect online with their American partners and find solutions to their communities’ most pressing needs.

The purpose of the Teaching in Action Program is to provide the venue for Tanzanian teachers to modify their teaching methods from techniques that involve rote memorization to the more participatory and student-centered methods now required by the Tanzanian government. In addition to intensive, week-long experiential teacher training workshops, the project includes a rigorous evaluation component that will ensure that the approach AfricAid is taking is effective, and that will also provide sound empirical data to the Tanzanian Ministry of Education.