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Name: Avi Karan
Organization: Chabutra
I believe children to be far more better teachers than grown ups.Whenever I recall my childhood I remember the days spent with my friends at the neighbourhood play space, we used to call that Place” Chabutra”. It was a place where all friends from the neighbourhood would gather in the evening to play even without deciding a fixed time. It was understood among all of us when we will meet and what we will play. That space was not just for fun but we learnt so much from social skills like co-operation,trust,problem solving, setting goals, competing, friendship, resolving conflicts all at that small in small unstructured time that we spent . Slowly and slowly playing outside and neighbourhood play spaces have been decreasing. More importantly the current changes in family structure, emphasis on increased competition and assessments, lack of avenues and resources for play, lack of safe spaces for playing and fear of violence at play spaces are some of the issues that have narrowed the future of play. It has also limited that carefree childhood moments that happened during the play. It has also limited the existence of a play space, a learning space ,a Chabutra. I am passionate about music,play and teaching.I graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in social entrepreneurship and did B.Pharmacy from Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra. Prior to this I worked as a translator and a teacher,with children and communities at grass root development organisations.I also worked for a small period in a pharmaceutical company.I make Chabutra for children to play , learn and share joy .

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We create enabling spaces for children by promoting social and emotional well being among children and youth using play as a medium.