Name: Awen DELAVAL
Organization: SAMATOA
Title: Funder/Director
With a mandate to provide sustainable products for the environment, Awen Delaval serves as Founder and Manager of eco textile company Samatoa. Since its founding in 2003, the company has expanded to offer full lines of high-quality fabrics, clothing, handbags and scarves. In 2009, he was rediscover the secret of ancestral technics to manufacture lotus fibers. As a designer of eco-friendly fashion, he pursued this craft, setting up a laboratory in Siem Reap in search of the perfect lotus to create the unique fabric. Setting his eyes on a spectacular 10,000-hectare lotus lake at Kamping Poy (near Battambang), Delaval knew he had found his nirvana. Based in the city of Angkor, he is surrounded by historic spirituality. And this, the Lotus appears as the cornerstone of his project, offering symbolism, nobility of soul, beauty and purity. In addition, for Samatoa, the Lotus represents the culmination of the company’s ultimate quest for excellence The lotus fabric, the most spiritual fabric in the world, allows the emancipation to 30 vulnerable Cambodian women. Samatoa uses the best socially responsible manufacturing techniques to create eco fabrics that support women’s empowerment in Cambodia. Preserving the environment, paying people fairly, and treating each person with respect and dignity are our prerequisites for a sustainable fashion business

Challenge Entries

Samatoa uses socially responsible techniques to produce luxury Eco-fabrics that support vulnerable women. Its best innovation, a fabric from lotus flower is produced with the pure respect for Nature and Humanity.