Bancy Ngatia


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Name: Bancy Ngatia
Organization: Mokala Tech
A budding social entrepreneur with more than five years of experience in starting and managing various micro-enterprises. A qualified socio-economist, having worked in the fields of social research, market research, office administration, and management of an online-based academic promotion organisation. A great desire to change the world through creating awareness on the importance of personal development and fostering of entrepreneurial skills. Aspiring to continue on the positive trend toward becoming a full-fledged social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and change agent for the achievement of socio-economic development and elimination of poverty.

Challenge Entries

We use technology to enhance social entrepreneurship. We are developing an online marketplace with financial management system integration for African MSMEs.

Mokala Tech is a newly formed Kenyan-based business dealing with the use of technology in enhancing social entrepreneurship.

Mokala Tech is in the process of developing an online marketplace for buying and selling of products made by African MSMEs.

Mokala Tech seeks your support in the form of partnerships, as well as technical and financial assistance, for the development of this platform.