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Name: Becca Mohally Renk
Organization: Jubilee House Community - Center for Development in Central America
Title: Director of Sustainable Economic Development
Becca Mohally Renk is the Director of Sustainable Economic Development for the non-profit JHC-CDCA where she has been working with Nicaraguan co-ops for 15 years. Post-Hurricane Mitch she helped victims to set up a women’s organic cotton sewing cooperative which became the world’s first worker-owned free trade zone. Becca has worked with organic cotton farmers, ginners, spinners, knitters and sewers to certify the world's first garment as fair labor from crop to consumer. Becca has helped new industrial cooperatives get started using sweat-equity models and has helped established cooperatives expand and grow. She has also established a program for at-risk girls, working toward inspiring vocation, continuing education and postponing motherhood.

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Vida Harvest reverses loss of family farming by returning more profit to farmers. We build value chains connecting farmers to markets while increasing income, promoting sustainable agriculture & securing food production. We provide organic farmers access to social, intellectual & financial capital.