Greg Van Kirk


Name: Greg Van Kirk

Challenge Entries

MicroConsignment creates an opportunity for first-time women entrepreneurs to gain access to financing so that they can create access to life-changing products.

Our MicroConsignment Model creates access for the first time. It creates access through local entrepreneurs resulting in a locally sustainable value chain. Entrepreneur uncertainty is overcome to empower the creation of small businesses providing isolated villagers with a sustainable means to purchase glasses, cookstoves, solar chargers and lights, water purification buckets and the like.

The MicroConsignment Model (MCM) creates profound economic opportunity where it is most needed, in isolated, poor villages. It establishes first-time access to life-changing technologies such as improved cook stoves, solar chargers/lamps and near vision glasses. This saves families money and increases productivity. In Guatemala, Ecuador and Nicaragua through 2,800+ village campaigns where 70,000+ of these amongst other solutions have been sold, the MCM has empowered over $2.75 million in net economic gain for villagers. This is new money/equity.

Soluciones Comunitarias (SolCom) is a Guatemalan-owned social enterprise established through the work of Community Enterprise Solutions. SolCom is a financially and administratively sustainable organization that leads the implementation and growth of the MicroConsignment Model (MCM). It is owned by dedicated individuals who share a common mission; increased standards of living through access.