Dr. Crystal Tremblay


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Name: Dr. Crystal Tremblay
Organization: The University of British Columbia
Website: http://www.crystaltremblay.com
Title: PostDoctoral Fellow
I research community development, resource management and participatory governance drawing largely from Social Economy, Political Ecology and Feminist theories. My work is multi-disciplinary and covers such areas as waste and resource management, poverty reduction and social inclusion, informal economy, and livelihood enhancement. My doctoral work unraveled the complex socio-economic, political and environmental facets of the informal waste sector in Brazil, pointing towards inclusive and integrative waste management strategies using action-oriented methodologies, such as video, photo and mapping. From a methodological perspective, I am particularly interested in the critical theory and practice of Participatory Action Research, and other approaches to research that value and strengthen community knowledge and interrogate traditional structures of power in decision-making. I am currently working on my postdoc research with the IRES, exploring the impacts and implications of shifting water governance structures in Accra, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa, simultaneously providing a powerful narrative portraying the lived experiences of the individuals affected by limited or (in)access to water. I will be using Participatory Video to engage with communities, broaden participation in decision-making processes, and provide a valuable strategy to challenge entrenched power imbalances through practices of reflexivity, facilitating new levels of self-perception, and identity. I am particularly keen on strengthening structures where communities can gain access to creative communication avenues, promoting enhanced dialogue with government and the wider community, and ultimately leading to increased quality of life.

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Jan 14, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Human Rights, Citizen participation, Journalism, Water Supply

A multi-disciplinary exploration using Participatory Video (PV) to enhance participatory public policy structures in water governance of residents of informal settlements in Accra, Ghana aiming to improve representation and citizenship.