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Jan 30, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

It Could Be Me is an organization composed of twenty teenage students that are making a difference in the world. Our goal is to educate, help resolve humanitarian crises, and natural disasters going on in the world today. We want our younger generation to get invovled to help because our future depends on us.

Jan 30, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

Kinard Hats for the Homeless is a venture dedicated to making good quality hats and scarves for those in our community who are less fourtunate then we are. During lunch and study hall, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders come together to work on cutting, sewing, and packageing hats and scarves. Our efforts have resulted in over 300 hats and scarves before thanksgiving and more hats and scarves which will be donated soon.

Jan 29, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

Hands on Wichita ultimately strives to bring the community together in a cohesive effort to make Wichita a better and more supportive place for a young person to grow. To accomplish this goal, Wichita's Promise Youth Council (WPYC) is coordinating Hands on Wichita, a one day event that brings together hundreds of volunteers to clean-up local elementary schools.

Jan 28, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

We find discarded bicycles in the streets of Passaic,N.J.. We rebuild the bikes by replacing parts and repainting them. We donate some to other kids and sell some for a small fee to pay for more parts.

Jan 27, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

Extreme Entrepreneurship Education, LLC ( is a media and education company dedicated to helping college students plan, prioritize, and pursue their own vision in life by utilizing the entrepreneurial mindset. We accomplish our mission through our events and speaking, books, and online goal support system (

Jan 27, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

SeniorLink seeks to familiarize nursing home residents with the computer. Some residents, who may feel lonely and/or under stimulated, need to be engaged in something new! After promoting SeniorLink with advertisements in the newspaper, and posters in local businesses, SeniorLink will collect computers from the community, have them refurbished in collaboration with High Tech Teens, and will distribute them out to senior citizen communities in Bucks County. We will teach the residents how to type letters, make cards, play games, and even use the internet for email and surfing the web.

Jan 25, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

In terms of what SBS would do on a regular basis, we would serve as an intermediary between a beneficiary and a potential philanthropic entity by producing integrated sports programs that achieve our clients respective needs. SBS's programs allow the beneficiary to establish awareness on a grassroots level, as well as fundraising opportunities on the corporate level. Furthermore, our programs create bespoke return on investments for the philanthropic entity that can rebrand, reposition, or enhance their respective market recognition.

Jan 22, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

Each year more than fourteen million children in the United States are hungry or at risk of hunger and every fourth person standing in a soup kitchen line is a child! These hungry children are more likely to get sick and be absent from school. They are also more likely to suffer from reductions in physical growth and even impaired brain function. Our Venture works to inspire and organize youth to participate in productive ways to help end child hunger.

Jan 22, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

The purpose of Homebound Boca Raton is to provide transportation to high school students as an alternative to irresponsible driving situations such as: drunk driving, over-occupancy of vehicles, and driving past the legal curfew.

Jan 13, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

The initiative, which has been developing diverse strategies, implicates to act in key places in the orbit of national and municipal governments, in NGO’s, with communities and cooperation organizations to generate programs that would encourage the building of a new way of living the values of masculinity in infants, youth and adults, centered in values of respect, tolerance, openness of cultural diversity.