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Omikron Omega

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Name: Chrissy Pirounaki
Organization: Agoge Omikron Omega / Future Culture 2030
Title: Teacher - animateur
Growing up in a cottage, ancient location, greek nature & a family of teachers. Greek crisis came as a challenge. The past 8 years traveled & worked as a primary school teacher in the Aegean sea (the islands, mainland & Crete) trying to discover what are the social roots of what is happening to greeks. Agoge Omikron Omega & Future Culture 2030 projects became my way to be part of the solution through pedagogical volunteer networks. Educators, active citizens & young people form a growing community that gives an example of good practice in schools & communities.

Challenge Entries

Agoge ΟΩ is a wholistic pedagogical approach born by experiment in primary schools of greek islands. Agoge is based on multiple intelligence theory & "free school" practices. Teachers use ΟΩ tools to inspire children from traditionally bored students into happy self-aware learners :)

Future Culture is a growing volunteering network that creates interactive events for children & youth based on mythical or historical evidence.

History gets more effective & enjoying,when being active in a team & excited in treasure hunts, set by role-playing facilitators in archeological sites!