Christian Winkler


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Name: Christian Winkler
Organization: World Peace Fleet
Title: General Secretary
54, male, married, 4 Kids, passion and former job: yacht sailor. Balkan war in the nineties destroyed my economic base in the Adriatic sea (Yugoslavia, then Croatia) and opened my eyes: I was shocked by the cruelties my croatian friends had to go through, and I wanted to empower children to overcome hate and prejudices. So I invented a youth sailing project called "Peace Fleet". There, on some sailing boats, children from the different balkan war parties sailed and lived together and made friends. The project was very succesful and develeoped to be the biggest educational sailing project in Europe. Having started 1994 with only 3 boats my project "Peace Fleet" reached the size of 100 yachts in 2008. In the same year two of my children were overrun by a motor boat during summer holiday. The oldest boy died, the second oldest lost one leg. I had to retire from my job as general secretary of Mirno More NPO association, which I had founded 1995 to be the host organization of Peace Fleet project. Fortunately I had a built up a big and competent organisation team during all the years and therefore was able to lay leading position in their hands. Mirno More Peace Fleet is running stable since then with almost 1.000 participants each year. After two years of struggling for motivation I gathered strenght and a new vision came to my mind: using social franchising method I want to support the foundation of many similar peace fleets all around the world. I founded a new association called "World Peace Fleet" and am now working on spreading the project.

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