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Name: Clifford Okwesi
Organization: Kashiva Social Enterprise Fund
Title: Founder and CEO
Clifford Okwesi is a technology social entrepreneur with experience in social venture management and community Service. He is the Founder of Code for Nigeria, a social venture promoting "One Year of Code" in Nigeria. He is currently the CEO of Kashiva Social Enterprise Fund, an impact investment firm in Lagos, Nigeria. The firm finds, supports and funds social enterprises. Kashiva's portfolio includes Code for Nigeria, Home Teachers, Big Savers, Charity Bus, Farm Partners and Fund Reporters. He is also the founder of Vanguard of Peace International (VPI). Founded in 2001, VPI is currently working with young leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop an organized platform for community service in Africa.

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"One Year of Code" is a mobile computer lab that serves secondary schools in low-income communities in Lagos. The students acquire employable skills in computer coding and web technologies to help them earn income and succeed in a world that's becoming more dependent on technology everyday.

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Kashiva Social Enterprise Center is a community-based social enterprise networking and resource center. It exists to discover, inspire, develop and connect social entrepreneurs in Africa through special programs and libraries of social business books.