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Name: Dave Read
Organization: Dave Read
Website: http://the-lightworks.co.uk
Title: Founder and Lead Practitioner
Born in 1958, Dave Read is both a qualified state school teacher (QTS) and professional Healer/Therapist (MNFSH) who has developed "CoolFire for Students" and "CoolFire : Connect" for teachers and school staff - two three-phase Emotional Intelligence programmes that enable students to connect and work with their feelings and underlying emotional patterns. Dave has combined his own training and practices as a healer/therapist with a range of other therapeutic disciplines to create dynamic, fun workshops. Instead of being driven by hidden emotions, students can start to make autonomous choices - to be the cause - not the effect - of their actions. This has helped to transform teacher-student relationships, reverse challenging behavour, boost focus and motivation and therefore attainment. And through becoming sensitised to one's self, than the student becomes sensitised to others and all aspect's of their homelife and relationships are greatly enriched. Having taught part-time for 9 years at Manningtree High School, Essex, England - Dave now develops and presents CoolFire full-time in schools and organisations throughout the UK - with emerging European links. This has been supported by a pre-teaching background in Press/PR, event organisation, professional fundraising and social marketing. Through harnessing Emotional Intelligence, CoolFire is now being recognised as a positive force for unlocking the holistic development of each young person - who will be the adult of tomorrow - our future...

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Harnessing student and teacher Emotional Intelligence. Transforming relationships, focus, attainment - bringing life to life.