Davies Kwakye


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Name: Davies Kwakye
Organization: Createat International Organization
Website: http://www.ceio.webs.com
Title: Senior Vice President

Challenge Entries

CHCS aims at mobilizing funds from individuals and the international political organizations such as the UN, EU, AU, Arab Union, Commonwealth and so on, to support curious health challenges world wide such as hole in heart(Ventricular Septal Defect), brain cancer, and so many others.

Ceio after having an agreement with two local banks to act as custodians of funds that may be placed with them, invites all willing Ghanaian to deposit a minimum of US$8.00 into any of the two banks in the name of Ceio and submit a copy of the pay-in slip to Ceio. The monies being deposited are pooled and used as group collateral upon which Ceio will stand to borrow money for any SME member