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Name: Dina Buchbinder
Organization: Educacation for Sharing
Website: http://www.educacionparacompartir.org
Title: Founder and Director
Dina and her team’s approach to generating change in the world is educating and empowering children as globally aware agents of change through games and sporting activities. Dina is founder and director of two programs that do this exactly – Sports for Sharing (Deport-es para Compartir) and Initiatives for Sharing (Iniciativas para Compartir). Both utilize unique methods based on recreational activities that allow children to assimilate educational content in a significant way. Up to December of 2011 the programs have reached and inspired 44, 571 children from a diversity of backgrounds in Mexico and are now being prepared to extend to other parts of the world. Dina is fond of any place that allows her to use imagination freely and express opinions safely. This place is anywhere people are tolerant and broadminded. Dina believes that great things can happen when children tap into their imaginations, share thoughts and articulate dreams. She is committed to building places like these – whether in schools, playgrounds or classrooms – to empower more changemakers in the world. She also wishes to invite everyone else to believe in children’s power and potential. Dina seeks a transformation of the current paradigm that considers children as mere subjects of protection into one that recognizes them as valuable players, capable of bringing about change and innovation. This peaceful revolution, deep within society, will be accomplished with the help of empowered children, their teachers, parents and extended communities – all key players that Dina and her team’s programs take into account. A social entrepreneur from Mexico City, Dina launched the first of her child-empowering programs – Sports for Sharing (Deport-es para Compartir) – at the age of 24. Today, she is extremely proud to work hand in hand with a talented team of 35 multidisciplinary individuals that collaborate daily to empower children all over Mexico. Dina’s passion for children’s causes has been a constant in her life. From a very young age she volunteered at a center for disabled children, babysat every opportunity she had and worked as a camp counselor for younger kids. Today, she feels extremely fortunate to be able to combine this passion with her profession and her other interests, such as sports, social development and International Relations. Currently, Dina is launching a second program – Initiatives for Sharing (Iniciativas para Compartir), to facilitate child-led social initiatives. Through both programs she hopes to empower a growing number of children in Mexico, as well as abroad. The next step for her organization is internationalization and she is determinedly searching for supporting networks to make this happen. Dina is committed to expanding the landscape of possibilities for children all over the world.

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Education

Dina has introduced an innovative, action-oriented education model called Deport-es para Compartir to a Mexican education system that has long struggled with passivity and rigidity. Deport-es para Compartir empowers teachers from a variety of school settings to foster social and environmental awareness while simultaneously teaching learning values, such as teamwork and fair play.

Education for Sharing is an innovative methodology that forms better citizens from childhood using the power play and civic values. We actively learn about the SDGs through games sports, science, arts, and project management to trigger changemaker attitudes in children ages 6 to 15.

Jan 08, 2014 / 6 Comments / in Education, Play, Youth leadership

Deport-es para Compartir fosters active citizens from childhood by raising awareness about global challenges, cultivating healthy lifestyles, and promoting cultural diversity. Through such interactive activities, the program encourages children to become changemakers in their communities.

Sports for Sharing: integrating civic education into children’s lives in a fun, meaningful way.