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Name: Edwina Tanner
I am an a researcher at the University of Sydney with an interest in the science of climate change and helping to turn the table on some of the environmental and social issues that have become of increasing concerning over my lifetime. I undertake projects that in some way might restore the balance by benefiting the people who are in need of assistance and the environment that they live in. The concept of the Nutrient Enhanced Artisan Reef fills this niche by coupling marine composting and artificial reef building the NEAR has the potential to benefit both the community and environment using simple concepts and technologies.

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Jun 08, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Biodiversity, Environment, Sustainability

Artificial reefs have been used extensively around the world to enhance fish catch create habitat and regenerate damaged ecosystems. We have designed a reef that can be constructed and installed using local materials and labour that can increase fish production by marine compost of waste products.