Elaine Doyle


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Name: Elaine Doyle
Organization: Biochar
Website: http://www.steppup.org
I am 31 years old and very interested in social change and sustainable development in my academic, professional and social life. I have a Bacholars degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a post graduate diploma in Management Practices and a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development. My work experince has been in waste management, wind farm planning, environmental education and I currently work in a sustainability consultancy. I have written an environmental education class and co wrote a book and puppet show on climate change for primary school children. I am interested in eco-living in my professional and personal life.I believe through education and empowerment it is possible to see sustainable development in social, financial and environmental worlds. I believe social change and social enterprise can be powerful and fun.

Challenge Entries

Steppup Puppets has written a puppetshow and book to teach children about climate change, empathy and futures in a fun medium.

Making sports clubs as sustainability leaders in a community through audits, education and behaviour modification.

Steppup Puppets is a book/puppet show used to teach children about climate change and their role in their own future in a fun medium.