Elsie Bowazi


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Name: Elsie Bowazi
Organization: Heart to Hearts Volunteers
Title: From the Heart of God to the Heart of the People
Living in a city where a lot of young people are either roaming the streets seeking employment and even when it fails alternatively going into prostitution,criminal activities or girls failing into early marriage trap has made me realize the big challenge we have in my country is lack of adequate Education,which has contributed to the high levels of unemployment and Poverty because of this the country is bringing up young generation of frustrated people who feel forsaken,betrayed by the system and looks at life as unfair, therefore increased criminal rate,high dependency on government resources,making it difficult for government to distribute resources fairly. I desire to see change,i desire to see young people getting good education to get good jobs,to see more young people creating employment for others,building multinational businesses and fulfilling their dreams,i desire to see a Nation of inspired and motivated young people with strength to build the economy of their country.Therefore started a business and group called Heart to hearts volunteers,its a non-profit part time volunteer group that focuses on building peoples lives through various programs like supporting young people in school,helping women to start up some businesses and build up a Nation thats supports one another for the is a huge gap between the rich and the poor.In Malawi there is an average 141.2% gross enrollment ratio in Primary school which has a very big gap comparing to Secondary which has an average of 10.05% gross enrollment ratio,so we currently working with some teens in secondary school to help reduce school dropouts and some women to startup businesses using money we earn from our various sources of income including businesses to support their families. We also have plans to hold entrepreneurial contents for aspiring entrepreneurs,to get more young people to be innovative and own their own businesses ,we also have plans to conduct fund-raising campaigns, connecting young people to sponsors or companies etc. The business is a group of creative businesses which use the natural talents to generate income,some of the businesses involved are fashion designing,Events coordination,Catering services etc,to help me finance my activities as a volunteer,This has encouraged those young people who never had opportunity to do school to find jobs because their talents and their creativity to improve their own lives.

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There is an average 141.2% gross enrollment ratio in Primary school and average of 10.05% in secondary schools,the increasing school drop out of youth has contributed a lot to unemployment and poverty in Malawi..We believe in young people's unleashed dream and the need of support to reach them.