Organization: YÖRET (Foundation for the Advancement of Counseling in Education)
Website: http://www.yoret.org.tr
YÖRET, The Foundation for the Advancement of Counseling in Education, is a Turkish, non governmental, educational organisation, whose mission is to empower counselors and raise professional standards. Our aim is to provide a broad range of educational, psychosocial and service projects for counselors that wıll contribute to their personal and professional development and allow them to effectively impact all levels of their community. YORET was established in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a non-governmental, non-profit educational organization with a board of directors and a professional team including permanent staff, temporary consultants, trainers and volunteers. Initially its aim was to improve professional counseling standards by providing educational and psycho-social services, supporting personal and professional growth for prospective counselors along with contributing to the enhancement of counseling services at all educational levels in Turkey. Working at the university level, the foundation organized symposiums to raise standards in the field of counseling. In 1990 based on the emerging needs of counselors, the foundation revised its mandate. YORET has a history of working closely with the National Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Social Services. YÖRET has played a significant role in promoting the rapid expansion of counseling and educational services in Turkey. YORET is one of the founders of the Turkish Coalition on Children’s Rights, and an active member of the Platform to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect. Depending on the projects, YORET cooperates with UNICEF, national and international NGOs and Universities.

Challenge Entries

We are working on an arts based empathy-building training for school counselors. We believe counselors are able to create more peaceful environment in schools.