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Emmanuel Mitakis

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Name: Emmanuel Mitakis
Organization: Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas SA
Website: http://www.boehringer-ingelheim.com
Title: President of Marketing Academy of Health Professionals, vice President of Hellenic Society of Ethnopharmacology
I invented the term " Pharmanutrics" from the Greek word "Pharmacon" (drug) and nutrition, in order to determin the multiple relation between drug, food and disease. I wrote and published a book by using the above mentioned term in order to actively promote the use of food not only as a preventive or therapeutic agent per se but also as a vehicle to increase the efficacy and safety of specific drugs. By this way I feel I contribute to a healthier but also safer world Save traditional medical practices coming from indegenous cultures. A lot of still undiscovered medicines might be lost if this culture is not "recorded" and saved. A part of this culture is the way people use food therapeuticaly or preventively. I want to take their best practices, and educate / facilitate people to use proper food in order to increase efficacy & safety of drugs they have to take I am an industrial pharmacist. I made my carreer in Boehringer Ingelheim. My current job is head of market access & communications . I am president of Marketing Academy of Health Proffessionals, Vice president of Hellenic society of Ethnopharmacology, and ex-dean of the board of Hellenic industrial pharmacists assossiation. I have published books on food drug interactions, drug-drug interactions, drugs & G6PD, Emergency at drugstore, communication skiis for pharmacists. I give annual lectures on comminication skills for pharmacists, ethnopharmacology and market access issues at University of Patras and publish articles on pharmaceutical marketing & communication .

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Apr 10, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Health care, Indigenous cultures, Globalization, Migration

In order to reduce health care costs caused by nocebo effect of western medicines to immigrants, Hellenic Society of Ethnopharmacology plans to train Greek doctors by using traditional healers. An e-application will be also created in order to facilitate a common (medico-cultural) language between doctor and patient.

Sep 21, 2011 / 0 Comments / in Disability, Food, Health care, Health education, Wellness

I want to use food to facility the use of drugs to people that either do not have access to new and more expensive drugs, or they do not have enough money to buy all drugs of a prescription.
Knowing the appropriate food /disease and food /drug reactions this could help people to use the convenient/appropriate food/diet to
1. help them prevent or fight the desease
2. help the drug increase its efficacy (rather than taking other drug combinations or higher dosage of the drug in order to achieve the same clinical benefit