Gerald Otim


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Name: Gerald Otim
Organization: Ensibuuko
Title: Founder/COO
I was born and raised in a rural farming community. As a rural boy, I practiced farming myself- it was the only way I could pay for my education. I experienced first-hand the dilemma of rural farmers: The lack of reliable markets, lack of financing or diseases and pests. After college, I return to better the situation for my community. I teamed up with a college friend who shared a similar experience and passion and together we established Ensibuuko, a social enterprise leveraging ICT/Mobile innovations to enhance the capacity of enterprises deliver key services, resources and information that impact the value chain for Agriculture and to scale rapidly. Being a social entrepreneur is the most fulfilling experience I have had. I am not only changing lives, I am setting an example inspiring emerging entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Challenge Entries

The exclusion of Uganda's poor from formal financial services have made savings cooperatives (SACCOS) a popular option. Yet SACCOS struggle with operational and information management inefficiencies. Ensibuuko's mobile banking innovation is enhancing the capacity of SACCO to serve the un-banked.