Godspower Oboido


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Name: Godspower Oboido
Organization: Listen Africa
Title: Founder
Godspower is changing the way we do distance learning in Africa by using the radio to educate rural communities that have no access to mobile phones, computers and internet, in most cases no electricity. Listen Africa was launched in 2011, stopped operation for some months and will resume its activities in 2013

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The Open Networking University is the world's first [social]networking university that hopes to engage and foster organised and desciplined e-learning. This is not just another social start-up, but a not-for-profit learning institution, using a social apporach.

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 Physical activities and exercises may be frustrating for obese kids but if you deliberately turn these activities into play, then you get them involved-and active after all. If you give children the chance, they gladly become valuable resource. This is what Get ‘em active is about

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Greener Innovations farming scheme is an innovation of Greener Innovations (Re-inventing Nigeria), and part of Global Youth Trends. The main idea is using old and traditional ideas to restore farming

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to get young persons minds working and creative [ to innovate and invent projects by youths thus making a difference in our communities and our world- finding solutions to the worlds problems]