Gonzalo Munoz


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Name: Gonzalo Munoz
Organization: TriCiclos
Website: http://www.triciclos.cl
Title: Founder and CEO

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Environment

Gonzalo is reinventing the garbage industry in Chile by helping society and customers see that 90% of garbage is really valuable raw material which can be recycled and reused, and is not just the black bag which miraculously disappears from the front of their home or business. By sharing the financial rewards of recycling, he is slowly replacing the current waste management system, which simply hides garbage and encourages waste through perverse financial incentives.

In a few years I want in the places where I have acted, the children ask the adults: "It is true that before everything was thrown a black bag and threw it into a hole far from here? And people bought things without thinking about how much nature was asked for produce it?

En pocos años más quiero que en los lugares donde he actuado, los niños le pregunten a los adultos: “Es verdad que antes se arrojaba todo a una bolsa negra y lo lanzaban a un agujero lejos de aquí? Y compraban cosas sin pensar en cuánto se le había pedido a la naturaleza para producirlo?”