Ivana Scharf

Ivana Scharf

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Name: Ivana Scharf
Organization: atelier für gesellschaftsgestaltung
Title: Founder
I first visited a museum at the age of 18. This in my eyes was far too late. At that time I thought I missed a lot. Every child should have the possibility to get in contact with the richness of our cultural heritage as early as possible. I started to research on the phenomenon of exclusion. Then I decided to create mobile cultural projects for schools. I invented a mobile museum for the Jewish Museum Berlin, atelier2go and Geschichtomat. I started outreach work for museums in germany and give speeches.

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May 26, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Education, Education reform, Youth development

As part of school projects students walk in their neighborhood in search of Jewish history. They are researching in archives, visit museums or lead interviews. As journalists they produce films, texts and photo stories that they locate on the digital map online www.geschichtomat.de