Mirlo Positive Nature

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Name: Jamie LAWRENCE
Organization: Mirlo Positive Nature
Title: Co-founder & Business Development Director
Every day, Mother Nature offers us the opportunity to be alive, by definition, she is generous. If we are to preserve this generosity, we also need to do something for her. Let’s take positive steps to build a future of abundance and balance with nature before it’s too late. For all these reasons we are proposing to go one step further in the world of business. We don’t just want to create a business which does its best to be responsible and sustainable and which reduces its impact. Our goal is to create a company whose business model is in itself a large-scale positive footprint, a spiral of abundance which proves beneficial for all concerned: us, you, our suppliers and above all, the planet. Our starting point is the Canary Islands and then we want to expand the scope of our projects to other parts of Spain and to the rest of the world.

Challenge Entries

We're building a brand which will hopefully be capable of attracting crowd-funding for local conservation projects through a social network. The idea is to empower people to affect positive change in their natural resources , tourists to give something back to the surroundings they have enjoyed and the disenchanted to create something in their locality where the current crisis may have failed them.