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Capilano U Tourism

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Name: Jen Reilly
Organization: Capilano University
I feel connected to many places. Particularly I feel connected to the community I live in - Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. I also feel connected to the villages where I volunteer in Northern Vietnam - Ta Phin and Lao Chai in the Sa Pa District. I would like people to view the world more holistically and increase their understanding of both the positive and negative impacts of their actions in the short and long term. I want to encourage people to live sustainably in a self-sufficient fashion that doesn't diminish the lives of others either locally or elsewhere on the planet. Primarily, I am an educator. I teach in the Faculty of Global and Community Studies at Capilano University in British Columbia, Canada. I teach a variety of courses ranging from Community Tourism Planning to Entrepreneurship to the Geography of Destination Environments. In addition, I volunteer my time through the university on community tourism projects. I also do consulting work related to resource and environmental management.

Challenge Entries

We wish to empower vulnerable communities through sustainable and responsible tourism development. We believe responsible tourism can be a tool for change that:

• Empowers people with little formal education to improve their quality of life by creating employment opportunities with minimal capital investment

• Develops communities through engaging a broad range of stakeholders, building relationships, increasing confidence and community pride

• Conserves culture through valuing distinct languages, traditional practices and other elements of culture